There is no such things as over packing. When you are getting ready to head over to the location spot for your session, make sure to pick up a few things. Firstly, make sure that you bring additional outfits and accessories. There are no changing limits at Photography by Hailey, so feel free to dress in several different outfits!

Next, girls, make sure that you bring extra lip gloss, hair spray, etc. I’m very flexible and I do NOT mind stopping the shoot for 5 seconds to plop on some extra blush or to spray down that 1 rambunctious hair!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure that you bring props. Again, my goal is to reflect YOUR life, YOUR interests, YOUR style, and YOUR personality in YOUR photos. An excellent way to do this is for you to bring little pieces of you to the shoot.Funny t-shirts, suitcases, old photographs, sporting equipment, headbands, pieces of furniture, a favorite book, etc. Don’t worry about being corny! The photos that seem the silliest during the shoot often end up being the most amazing pictures of the bunch!

This is an excellent example of bringing along items that reflect you and your life! This session was shot at these kids’ home with their Dad’s farming supplies. This family is the “cute country” type and that is definitely reflected in their photos!


Sarah and Landon had one of the most creative and unique sessions to date! THIS is because they brought along SO many props and wore SUCH unique outfits. Their session was extra special because of this!


Olivia was another client that thought ahead and brought along awesome props & tons of ideas! Her props included suitcases, trunks, signs, and even glitter! This girl really prepared for her session and that showed in her photos. 🙂