Frequently Asked Questions


Booking with Photography by Hailey


What is your session fee and what does it include?

This information can be found in detail at If you have any further questions about pricing and inclusions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.


How do I book my session?

In order to confirm a photography session, I require a $100 non-refundable retainer and signed contract. The $100 is applied to the total cost of your session; it is not an additional cost. The contract and payment can be mailed in to my office at 2187 E Gauthier Rd Lot 159 Lake Charles, LA 70607. Once I have the required documents, your session will be confirmed for the date you have chosen and you will lock in the current price. 


Do your prices change?

Yes, in order to keep up with the time I spend working on each session, my photography and business education, taxes, equipment fees, the economy, etc., I do change my prices at times to mirror these things. HOWEVER, once you have completed the booking process (pay a deposit and turn in a contract), your price will be locked in and will not change unless you cancel your session.


Why are you so expensive?

Photography is definitely an investment. It is a luxury and therefore something that you have to save up for. These days, everyone seems to be a photographer. I, however, have spent hours upon hours over the course of the last several years educating myself, attending conferences and workshops on both the artistic and business fronts, and working on my craft. I have invested a lot into this truly professional business. This is not a hobby for me- it is my livelihood- something I take great care and pride in it. I have to charge a certain price to compensate for the quality of my photos, knowledge, equipment, and experience. (The same way that Gucci has to charge more for those designer handbags than Walmart does for their plastic clutches. ;))


However, I do understand the want for excellent photos. While my prices are non-negotiable, I work with my clients purchasing higher-priced packages (such as wedding photography) by offering payment plans. I also have designed all-inclusive packages (unlike many other photography studios) so that you can pay ONE fee and get the things that are most important to you.


Bottom line: I WANT to photograph you and I WANT for you to have the best possible experience. I promise you, truly good photography is something that is worth saving for. Please contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to chat.


When should I book my session?

The short answer? ASAP! I only take a certain number of appointments monthly and I tend to book up fast! During my busy seasons (September- November and January- April), appointments need to be booked up to 5 months in advance. Just shoot me an e-mail as soon as possible, and we can chat. 🙂 


My appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your session date isn’t blocked off until you have completed the booking process (see above), which means another client will still have a chance to claim the date. This is why it is so important that you send in your deposit and paperwork ASAP when booking a session.



All Things Timing


What time will my session be at?

I do sessions at all times of the day; however, certain times of the day provide MUCH BETTER lighting situations which often lead to MUCH BETTER photos. I will work with you to schedule a time that can provide this type of lighting, as well as accommodate your schedule. 


How long will it be before I receive my gallery of photos?

After your portrait session is completed, the photos take approximately 3 weeks to be converted, edited, retouched, and uploaded into your custom gallery website. I know that you are anxious to see your photos, though, and will try my best to give you previews online while you wait. Turn-around time for wedding photos is 6 weeks.


When are you open?

Well…. Always? Of course, there will be times that I am out of town, on vacation, or spending a holiday with my family, but typically I can always be reached. Even when I am out of town, I try to return all e-mails, messages, and phone calls within 24 hours.



Preparing For My Session


Please visit for all of these details. 


It also often helps clients to view my Facebook (, Pinterest ( , and past blogposts ( to get location, outfit, and prop ideas. 



My Session


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible! If a friend will help you feel more confident, bring them along! Hey- you may even inspire that friend to do a session of his/her own!


Can I bring my pet?

As long as you notify me before hand, sure! I do also ask that if you bring a pet that you also bring someone to hold it and that it is on a leash at all times.


Can we copy this Pinterest picture?

I love when you send me pictures that interest you. It helps me see the style you are going for and the things you want to incorporate! I will use these photos to prepare and gain inspiration, but we will not typically recreate exact photos. I believe photography should be as creative, unique, and individual-based as possible, so we’ll take a great idea and twist it to make it an even better version.


How many outfit changes do I get?

You can bring as many outfits as you would like! However, we only have 2 hours, so I suggest limiting the number of changes. You want to have enough outfits to get a variety, but not so many that you only have a couple of pictures in each outfit. Most people do 3-4 outfits, which seems to be perfect!





Will you share my photos?

I blog all of my sessions, as well use the photos to add to my online portfolio, albums, and showcases, so yes- your photos will be showed off. If you are a wedding client and I am taking your bridal portraits- don’t worry: I will NOT share your photos until you are officially a Mrs.

Exception: I do NOT share boudoir portraits that show the client’s face unless given written consent by the client. I absolutely want to respect your wishes when it comes to photos of this private and personal nature.


How do I get my digital image files?

Your photos will be delivered via PASS- AKA a personal website that contains a gallery of all of your retouched photos- 3 weeks after your session (6 weeks for wedding clients). You download all of your photos to your computer, disk, flash drive, etc. from here. You may also pin photos from this site, share photos onto social media sites, and share the website with friends and family. Each person who has access to this site has the ability to do all of these things PLUS order photos at a discount price that will be delivered straight to their home. To learn more about PASS galleries, visit  


Why do you deliver my photos via PASS instead of a disk like other photographers I know?

The PASS gallery allows you to receive and share your photos way more quickly since the whole burning/ processing/ packaging/ mailing time that comes with photo CDs will be cut out of the equation! Another perk? This form of receiving your digital files is much more efficient! No more corrupt discs or crazy computers that will not correctly read CDs.

Now, you can view your photos, share, and order them easily and from ANYWHERE! You can share the site with friends, family, wedding guests, etc. too so that everyone can choose their favorites and order their own prints!

Guess what else? There’s even a PASS app that you can download on your phone or tablet. This way, you don’t have to be confined to your CD-drive-sporting computer to view your photos! Isn’t that the coolest?! You’re welcome.


Can I get copies of the unedited images?

No, you cannot. No one but the photographer will see unedited photos. You are not only hiring me for my expertise in physically taking your photos, but also for my creative eye and retouching skills that happen during the post-processing of the images. My policy is to only give my clients finished products that are up to my standards. (I promise you- I will not withhold any AMAZING images from you. If they didn’t make the cut and end up in your gallery: there is a reason. (TRUST ME!)


I loved my experience with you! How can I spread my joy?!

Shout it from the rooftops! (JK- unless that’s your thing!) Share your photos! Share your blog! Share your website! Share my name! I work hard for my clients because I LOVE my clients! I gain more clients by word of mouth! If you want to help others have an amazing photographic experience, tell them about me! I will be SO grateful. 🙂 



If so, feel free to e-mail me at and we can talk. 🙂