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As of now, all packages include digital files and limited print release. In order for me to continue this inclusion for as long as possible, certain copyright laws must be obeyed.

Limited print releases allow the client AND photographer certain rights and privileges. Clients are able to use this release to print as many photos as they would like, in as many sizes as they would like from approved printing places! However, through the print release, the photographer STILL holds the copyright to the photos. Simply put, legally, the client is allowed to print freely, but is NOT allowed to alter the photos in ANY way, including turning a photo black and white, adding hue or saturation, adding in text or other special effects, etc.

If you would like a photo turned black and white, simply ask me and I will gladly do so for you. 🙂 Please note that I am very particular about the way that I edit my photos. I do not do certain edits (such as text additions or selective coloring) in my style of photography.


Printing photos:

You can order photos through me or on your own or both. Let’s discuss the process of each.

First, you may order prints straight from your PASS gallery and have them shipped to your house! This way, you get professional quality prints at a discounted price. PASS provides 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 prints. You can also order wallets and larger prints; however, this cannot be done through the PASS gallery. For these items, simply e-mail me and we will discuss prices, ordering, etc. 🙂

Clients are also able to download their photos from their gallery too. Then, if they so wish, they can order them at an independent lab per the limited print release. The limited print release explains which labs clients may order prints from. These approved labs include several online options and even an in-person shop. All of these places have quality printing services at discounted prices. Labs with low quality printing services (Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) may NOT be used. I enforce this rule so that all of the hard work that the clients and I have put into the shoot, processing, editing, etc. is not ruined in the last step by a sub-par lab’s printing process in which photos turn out blurry and discolored. I want you to have the BEST photos possible. Don’t you? 😉