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We’ve done a family Christmas card for several years now, but this year’s photos are hands down my favorite! I wanted to do a glam shoot, and my entire family is so amazing that they just went with it! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

img_9744 img_9749 img_9745-2 img_9762 img_9927 img_9973 img_9876 img_9853 img_9784 img_9794-2 img_9945

Come back soon to see what else is new! A LOT of exciting things are coming! 

Ahhhhh, here we are- the LAST installment of The Fairytale Series.

This shoot is little more “light” than the others. With a model as sweet, beautiful, and funny as Kate, it is REALLY hard to do a super dark shoot. I love the turn that this session took- a lighter, more comical look at my version of this week’s fairytale character… Cinderella. Enjoy!

IMG_0820 copy IMG_0836 copy IMG_0839 copy IMG_0860 copy IMG_0650 copy IMG_0683 copy IMG_0695 copy IMG_0712 copy IMG_0743 copy IMG_0772 copy IMG_0951 copy IMG_0913 copy IMG_0892 copy IMG_0961 copy IMG_1085 copy IMG_1026 copy IMG_1044 copy IMG_1049 copy IMG_1068 copy IMG_1083 copy IMG_1095-2 copy 

I’ve enjoyed these shoots so much. By allowing myself to be free and creative, I feel like I’m rejuvenated and ready to begin what is sure to be an amazing and eventful senior season! 😉

But I’m not quiteeeeeee done yet!

I have one more announcement to make about the series, so stick around. 😉

See you later this week! xo