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When I first decided to do this series, I wrote down a list of qualities that I wanted those featured in it to possess. Then, I made a list of people that fit the description. (What can I say? You know I love a good list.) Among these sought-after qualities were this: hard-working, independent, unique, and powerful. One of the people that I immediately thought that fit the bill was Molly.

Molly work in the car sales industry – an industry that is notorious for being run by men. Molly is a minority in her field, yet she still dominates at her profession. She has also survived a lot in her personal life- the details of which are her story to tell, not mine. However, if you know Molly, you know just how strong of a woman she is. This is ultimately what made her such a great candidate for The Strong Women Series.

For her shoot, I knew that we HAD to include cars. The cars she sells, the cars she admires, and the car she drives. I wanted to keep it simple- a simple location, simple props, and simple outfits- so that we could keep the focus on her, the subject of this chapter. 

I love what we got and I’m so excited to share the results with you all!

IMG_5795 copy IMG_5796 copy IMG_5798-2 copy IMG_5806 copy IMG_5817-2 copy IMG_5826 copy IMG_5828 copy IMG_5836-2 copy IMG_5840 copy IMG_5848 copy IMG_5851-2 copy IMG_5860 copy IMG_5870 copy IMG_5872 copy

IMG_5879 copy IMG_5883 copy IMG_5892 copy IMG_5896 copy IMG_5900 copy IMG_5902-2 copy IMG_5911 copy IMG_5918 copy IMG_5928 copy IMG_5938 copy IMG_5952-2 copy IMG_5954 copy

Molly, thank you for being so passionate and wonderful to work with! 

Readers, this series will continue beyond this summer- I will continue weaving these sessions in when I can between my senior sessions, weddings, and school, so be on the lookout in the months to come. 😉 Also, coming soon – the beginning of a new senior season! Eeeek! 

When I started designing this series, one of the FIRST people that I thought of is now being featured in this blog. This is my friend Emily. We first met when we were both thrown into teaching a second grade class in the middle of the year. I quickly learned that Emily and I had a TON in common – basically, she’s me but younger and a lot more social. 

I value our friendship for a ton of reasons. For one, we can simultaneously fire each other up and calm each other down – both of which are often needed. We have vent sessions that are always productive and help each other stay positive- even in the craziest of situations. Plus – since we basically share a brain – we are always able to help each other figure out situations whether they are good, bad, exciting, or devastating. We are also A+ over-thinkers and over-planners. Need proof? Emily made this for me to prepare for her shoot:

IMG_5262 copy

For Emily’s session, I wanted to incorporate a few different elements. We knew we HAD to include her work (teaching) as well as her biggest passion (being a dog mom). As a teacher, Emily carries a huge workload, even during her summers “off.” She spends her days in her classroom painting, organizing, and planning for next year. As a dog mom to Oliver (Ollie for short), her day to day life is always interesting. I think that we included all of this in her session in a really fun way! For her vintage shoot, I knew that we HAD to do a vintage swim set. Emily has a pool and is up for any challenge thrown her way – how much more perfect could it get?! 

IMG_5322 copy IMG_5335 copy IMG_5339 copy IMG_5347 copy IMG_5351-2 copy IMG_5356 copy IMG_5361 copy IMG_5379 copy IMG_5393 copy IMG_5418 copy IMG_5419 copy IMG_5431 copy IMG_5432-2 copy

IMG_5248 copy IMG_5249 copy IMG_5255 copy IMG_5260-2 copy IMG_5266 copy IMG_5282 copy IMG_5283 copy IMG_5286 copy IMG_5289-2 copy IMG_5298 copy IMG_5299 copy IMG_5300 copy IMG_5302 copy IMG_5306 copy IMG_5307 copy IMG_5314 copy IMG_5315 copy

Emily – thanks for being such a great sport and allowing me to invade your space for a day. 😉 

More of this series is still to come, so come back soon! 

Ben & I have been dating for nearly 8.5 years.

We’ve grown, learned, and developed into our adult selves together – a luxury that many people don’t get unless they meet at a young age like us. While this sometimes made the road a little rougher, it has been such a blessing. One major perk of this has been that Ben and I have never really been embarrassed around one another.

We’ve seen each other at the highest and lowest of points. The awkward teen years- been there. The sleepless college nights- been there. The fumbling through newfound adulthood- been there (still there?). I’ve always been able to be myself – every possible version of myself (bad bangs and all) – in front of him. This is something that I’m so grateful for. He knows I work hard. He knows I often stay in on my days off to catch up on couch time. He knows I get high levels of anxiety in large crowds. He has never expected me to be anything else and I love him for that.

When we got engaged, everyone was so happy for us and we are blessed to have had that. And – yay for me – only a couple of people made the “Uh oh… time to learn how to cook” joke. The jokes became a little more present when we opted to have a honeymoon registry full of couples massages and beer rather than one comprised of kitchen knives and bakeware. For those of you who actually can cook – men and women – and therefore registered for these things, I applaud you. Learning to do so is definitely on my bucket list, but at my current blow and go, child-free stage of life, it isn’t on my list of priorities since it doesn’t come naturally to me.

The point of this little side story is to explain the origins of the first chapter of this series.

You see, all of these jokes and comments are meant to be lighthearted and I can absolutely make fun of my domestically-challenged self, but I’ll admit, at times they have gone too far. Once, I was even told that if I was going to be a good wife, I would HAVE to learn to cook. Out of all of the unsolicited marriage advice that I have gotten, this is my least favorite. Remain faithful? You bet. Keep our relationship a priority? Absolutely. Love unconditionally? I promise. Learn to cook in t-minus 11 days before I become a wife? Probably not going to happen. Lucky for me, Ben doesn’t care about this. He knows that I don’t have to be good in the kitchen to be a good wife. And, I’m not the only one who likes to break stereotypes. Ben, who is absolutely a “man’s man”- football and all- is one of the best cooks on the face of this planet. He helped me register for the few household items that we asked for and was elated when I informed him that we received each one. Point being, I am using this first chapter to poke a little fun at myself, while also celebrating the life that I am truly living as a teacher, business owner, dog mom, self-wedding planner, etc.   

For each chapter of this series, I have decided to make it two tiered. Part 1 showcasing the woman’s “vintage” life and part 2 showcasing the woman’s “fabulous, diverse, look at me I can have it all” life. 

Disclaimer – the part 1 of each of these chapters is meant to be comical, so laugh a little. 😉

Here we go:

IMG_4619 IMG_4632 IMG_4644 IMG_4759 IMG_4767 IMG_4795 IMG_4830 IMG_4867 IMG_4879 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4915 IMG_4925

Part 2:

IMG_4959 IMG_4963-2 IMG_4968 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4988 IMG_4993-2 IMG_5008 IMG_5070 IMG_5106 IMG_5112 IMG_5133 IMG_5178 IMG_5212 IMG_5215 IMG_5229-2 IMG_5236

Thank you guys for reading all of that! I know it was kind of a lengthy post, but what can I say… I guess I’m chatty. 😉