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Well guys, it’s the end of an era! My baby brother is officially a grown up 20 year old. Also, he just had his last EVER prom… Well, his girlfriend, Emily, had her last ever prom technically, but you get what I mean! Through-out the years, we’ve taken some STUNNING prom photos of these two. Here’s a couple of my favorites from past years:

EMily EMily2 IMG_6592-2 copy IMG_6615 copy IMG_6643 copy


This year’s session was just as great! The two of them were stunning and the stormy skies made for quite the dramatic backdrop. Take a look:

IMG_4019 copy IMG_4020 copy IMG_4022 copy IMG_4037 copy IMG_4054 copy IMG_4086 copy IMG_4087-2 copy IMG_4092 copy IMG_4098 copy IMG_4128 copy IMG_4136 copy IMG_4143 copy IMG_4151 copy IMG_4253 copy IMG_4158 copy IMG_4162 copy IMG_4183 copy IMG_4204 copy IMG_4214 copy IMG_4227 copy

Emily & Brad- y’all are so grown! I’ve loved documenting these events for you and I know we will be doing so for years to come! 🙂

Readers – check back soon! Still to come – personal posts from the tail end of my wedding planning, a new blog series, a few gorgeous sessions, AND some important senior rep info for 2017’s group of seniors. 🙂


Mardi Gras season is upon us, which means evening gowns, parties, and, of course, gorgeous photos! Here are a few of my faves:

Dress Number 1:

IMG_0003 copy IMG_0059 copy IMG_0098 copy IMG_0099 copy IMG_0117 copy IMG_0124 copy IMG_9978 copy IMG_9983 copy IMG_9991 copy IMG_9997 copy

Dress Number 2:

IMG_0633 copy IMG_0658 copy IMG_0684-2 copy IMG_0688-2 copy IMG_0703 copy

Dress Number 3:

IMG_0739 copy IMG_0755 copy IMG_0765 copy IMG_0785-2 copy IMG_0796 copy IMG_0807 copy IMG_0818 copy

Stop by again later this week! A ton more is in the works to be blogged SOON! 

Brad & Emily looked so beautiful for Oberlin’s prom! We had so much fun capturing a few quick photos before the dance and I’m obsessed with them. Here are a few of my faves:

IMG_6576 copy IMG_6592 copy IMG_6597-2 copy IMG_6615 copy IMG_6617 copy IMG_6643 copy IMG_6650 copy IMG_6660 copy IMG_6691 copy IMG_6700 copy IMG_6722 copy IMG_6724 copy IMG_6725 copy IMG_6730 copy IMG_6736 copy IMG_6745 copy IMG_6789 copy IMG_6812-2 copy IMG_6814 copy

Annnnnnnnnnd THAT’S why you should spend your money on pictures BEFORE prom, rather than those cheesy high school gym ones. 🙂

Brad & Em- always a pleasure.

Come back soon guys! It’s busy season and I have A LOT to show you! 🙂