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Class of 2018 – it is almost YOUR time! As a senior portrait photographer, I’m sure that I’m ALMOST as excited as you are that it is time for me to proceed with booking for my 2018 senior season! I am beginning my search for my 2018 senior reps NOW!

I have been SO BLESSED to have amazing senior clients. All of them – especially my reps – have been the cream of the crop. They’ve been beautiful. They’ve been involved. They’ve been spectacular. I’m looking for those types of guys and gals for this next year. 

Do you love taking photos? Do you love representing your city or school? Do you love to be a part of something special and elite? If so, then you are EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Want to sign up? Here are the details, requirements, perks, etc. of being a Photography by Hailey senior rep:


I am taking applications for the next MONTH! I will being reviewing these applications in search of the next set of teens to join the Photography by Hailey senior class. The reps will be announced shortly after the deadline which is June 20th.

After that, I will be e-mailing all of my new reps to get all of the details in order for our first task- the SENIOR MODEL SHOOT on Saturday, August 26, 2017! This is a mandatory shoot for all senior reps, so if you are applying, put that on your calendar NOW so that you can be available if you are chosen. Trust me- it is an AMAZING experience and you would not want to miss anyway!

01 and 02 HELLO 03 and 04 Investment 05 and 06 Details 07 and 08 Reps and FAQ

Additional FAQs:

“How many reps will you choose?” – Honestly, I have no idea. Some years, I pick 3. Other years, I pick 13! It really depends on the diversity of applicants, schools represented, etc! We shall see. 😉

“A lot of people from my school are applying. Will you pick more than 1 rep per school?” – I am definitely open to having more than 1 rep from a school. I have picked as many as 7 reps from a single school before, so definitely apply! Hey- who knows? Maybe you’ll all get chosen and get to have even more of a bonding experience as reps!

“I’m a little shy. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable working with the other seniors. Do you think I’d enjoy being a rep?” – Trust me, you will LOVE it! A lot of the reps are shy at first, but it wears away quickly. Once the first few photographs have been taken, you get use to being on camera and around your peers. And plus, you’re all in the same boat, so just that gives you plenty to bond over. I’ve never had a rep leave the shoot feeling anything other than excited! (& maybe a little tired haha!)

“Where will the mandatory rep meeting / shoot be located at?” – The rep shoot will definitely be in the Lake Charles area (where I am based at). The specific location/ time details will be released via e-mail to the senior reps after the deadline for applications.

“What kind of senior do you chose to be a rep?” – Well… All kinds! To see photos from past rep sessions, click on the “senior” section of this blog. You’ll see a ton of fabulous guys and gals. You may even see someone you know! 

You KNOW you want to be a part of this, so e-mail me TODAY at to start the process of being a part of the rep experience!

Thank you all for stopping by! I can’t wait to meet Photography by Hailey’s Class of ! 🙂

Austin is another one of my Kinder seniors!

He was such a great sport and even included a few of his own ideas! To top it all off, he was so sweet and didn’t laugh at me too hard when I fell in the mud during his session. 😉

Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_4153-2 copy IMG_4167 copy IMG_4226 copy IMG_4242 copy IMG_4267 copy IMG_4321 copy IMG_4358 copy IMG_4371 copy IMG_4388-2 copy IMG_4393 copy IMG_4398 copy IMG_4423 copy

Thank you guys for hiring me to document this for you!

Austin, have a great time in college – it really is the best!

Ryan is another 2017 senior! I was extraordinarily honored to take his senior portraits since it seems like just yesterday that I took his brother Shane’s! Y’all know I love a repeat client! 

For his session, we visited several unique location and took some amazing pictures. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_3636 copy IMG_3642-2 copy IMG_3658 copy IMG_3667 copy IMG_3697 copy IMG_3735 copy IMG_3778 copy IMG_3788 copy IMG_3797 copy IMG_3820 copy IMG_3876-2 copy IMG_3892 copy

Thank you guys so much for trusting me with ANOTHER important life event for your family. 

Best wishes and I can’t wait to work with you all again in the future. 🙂