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Another blog, another wonderful senior session! 

Seriously, what have I done to get so lucky? My seniors have always been amazing, but this year’s group keeps wowing me at every turn! These seniors have been so great at choosing unique locations, props, etc. and my soul is thrilled!

Lexi was no exception! We took some of my favorite photos EVER at her session, which took place at her home, downtown Lake Charles, and a GORGEOUS house of a friend. Take a look:

img_1217-copy img_1235-copy img_1241-copy img_1291-copy img_1296-copy img_1307-copy img_1322-copy img_1325-copy img_1349-copy img_1365-copy img_1382-copy img_1415-copy img_1446-copy img_1451-copy img_1491-copy img_1546-copy img_1551-copy img_1593-copy img_1601-copy img_1614-copy

Mrs. Kari, thanks so much for including me in Lexi’s senior year! Call me next year for Alyssa so that I can officially photograph ALL of your kid’s senior photos! 😉 

Abby’s session was AWESOME! Let me just say this – seniors who chose their locations wisely are my FAVORITE! Abby and I went to 4 different locations, 3 of which were private property of her family / friends. This is always the BEST because it makes the location special and unique. I also like having a clean slate to start with that can be achieved best with a location I’ve never been to! 

Abby and her family members were also so sweet and so prepared! She brought a ton of props, adorable outfits, and a ton of laughs and energy! Because of all of this, her session was spectacular! Take a look at a few of my favorites:

img_0557-copy img_0598-copy img_0625-copy img_0643-copy img_0698-copy img_0708-copy img_0746-copy img_0798-copy img_0841-copy img_0855-copy img_0929-copy img_0998-copy img_1022-2-copy img_1035-copy

More seniors are coming soon, as well as our Christmas card reveal, so come back soon! 🙂 

Jadah is a DREAM CLIENT! She prepared for her session by thinking of locations, outfits, props, poses, and tons of other ideas. Seriously, she was fabulous! Because of all of this, her session was extra amazing and I am in love with the photos! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

img_0049-copy img_0060-copy img_0102-copy img_0110-2-copy img_0130-copy img_0135-copy img_0170-copy img_0186-copy img_0191-copy img_0210-copy img_0228-copy img_0237-copy img_0245-copy img_0252-copy img_0257-copy img_0276-copy img_0280-2-copy img_0296-copy img_9740-copy img_9770-2-copy img_9782-copy img_9803-copy img_9817-copy img_9839-copy img_9868-copy img_9891-2-copy img_9919-copy img_9920-copy img_9938-copy img_9952-copy img_9975-2-copy img_9998-copy

Thanks to Jadah and her crew for such a great afternoon! I hope that you guys cherish these photos for years to come and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future!