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Eleven years ago, my mom bought a house. I was a sophomore in high school and she was a single mom, working two jobs so that we could have somewhere safe and warm to call home.

We built so many memories in this house.

This is where I hung posters to decorate my hot pink bedroom. (But only on the back of the door- If you know Rhonda, you know she was not about to let me have nails in the wall! Haha!)

This is where I first learned to cook. (Or make margaritas – potato, pototo…)

This is where I helped my little brother with his homework.

This is where my best friends and I hung out, drinking on the porch.

This is where Robert became part of our family.

This is where I packed up my things (with my mom crying in my bed) as I prepared to move out on my own for the first time.

This is where I told my mom that I was getting married while we stood at the bathroom sink. 

This is where I truly grew into a woman. 

As nostalgic as it may all sound, it truly has been such a wonderful home to call mine, even as an adult with my own house now! As sad as I am for this chapter to close, I am beyond THRILLED that my mom and Rob will be moving to Lake Charles! I can’t wait for quick drop-ins, dinners that don’t have to be planned weeks in advance, and random lunch dates! 

I’m also excited for whoever gets to call this place home next. I know the next owner will start their story here and build memories of their own. 

Thanks guys for dropping by and reading through all of this, even though I know you probably only came for the pictures. 😉 I can’t wait to photograph Mom and Rob’s NEXT home since I’m sure they will want to pull a Hailey & Ben and have a session as soon as they move in haha! 

Until next time…

Oh y’all… this was one of my favorite weddings of all time!
First of all, the groom is my cousin. Growing up, he was a bonus brother to me and we shared so many great memories together. I can’t believe he is old enough to have a WIFE! 


Second, I love Maegan! She is so sweet and I had a great time celebrating with her (and Travis) through-out their journey to the alter on a personal and professional level!

To top it all off, Travis’s mom (my Aunt Phis) put together an amazing reception with wonderful decorations, draping, and some of the best lighting a photographer could ever ask for! A church hall was totally transformed into a beautiful reception area!

I love these photos so much for so many reasons and I’m beyond thrilled to share them with you all now! Take a look:


Guys, thank you so much for hiring me to be your photographer! It was so special and I will cherish these photos forever, as I know y’all will as well! Love you both!

Ahhhhhh – Haley’s bridal session.

Guys, let me start with giving you a little background. Towards the end of February, I was in a major funk. I was at the peak of my season business-wise, in the middle of what seemed like 42 holidays, I was only a couple weeks out from an evaluation at my other job (teaching), annnnddd I had a respiratory infection that just would not go away. I was tired and run down and questioning everything.

“How can I keep doing this?” “Can I really have two jobs and retain my love for both?” “Is all of this really worth not having time off for friends, family, me?” 

Then this session happened. 

I was very excited to head to a new location to photograph one of my favorite clients – and bridals no less (one of my faves)! On the way there, as always, I prayed for safety driving and a smooth- flowing session. I also, however, prayed for a sign. I wanted – no, I needed – some sort of confirmation that I was on the right path… going in the right direction.

God gave me just that.

This session was exactly what I need to remind me about my feelings. I never doubted that I loved my job, I always knew that (DUH!). But, I was starting to let doubt creep in as to whether or not I could keep going full speed ahead with all of the irons that I currently have in the fire. This bridal shoot was the ultimate sign for me that I can and should.

I am so thankful to have been given this talent. I am so thankful to have these clients. I am so thankful to have this job. I am trusted with people’s most precious moments and memories. This is why I take so much thought and care in what I do. Yes, this can be overwhelming at times when also balancing life – but I would take exciting / overwhelming / joyous adventures to mundane safety and routine any day. What can I say, I love the chaos. 

Anyway – Thank you Haley & Co for giving me such a wonderful, creative, and refreshing session! It was just what I needed, just when I needed it. And I hope you guys had a blast as well. 🙂

Here are just a few of the highlights from what was (hands-down) one of my all-time favorite sessions: 

IMG_3248 copy IMG_3275 copy IMG_3285 copy IMG_3290 copy IMG_3292 copy IMG_3317 copy IMG_3320 copy IMG_3335 copy IMG_3366 copy IMG_3369 copy IMG_3391 copy IMG_3405 copy IMG_3411 copy IMG_3423 copy IMG_3444 copy IMG_3486 copy IMG_3519 copy IMG_3549 copy IMG_3570 copy IMG_3602 copy IMG_3621 copy

Haley – Thank you again for being such an awesome bride to work with! I CANNOT WAIT to share your wedding photos! For now, here is one of my favorites:


Okay one more:


P.S. – I wasn’t kidding about ordering one for my own house, no matter how weird Ben thinks that is haha!