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Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this with you! It’s been a while since I’ve done a maternity session since my primary focus is seniors, but when DeDe asked me to shoot a maternity session for her, her family, and her twins, I couldn’t say no!! 

I love the images that we captured and I am so excited to share them with you all now:

img_6560-copy img_6584-copy img_6588-copy img_6595-copy img_6661-2-copy img_6728-copy img_6732-2-copy img_6747-copy img_6760-copy img_6800-copy img_6823-copy img_6854-copy

Okay, this next set is too funny! I asked DeDe’s son to stand by them and this is how he posed himself haha! No coaching needed from me- he did this all on his own!

img_6856-copy img_6868-copy img_6870-copy img_6883-copy img_6897-copy img_6917-copy img_6920-copy

DeDe, best wishes to you and your growing family! I can’t wait to see pictures of your new additions in December! 🙂

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, Katie, had the most precious baby boy named Noah. I was lucky enough to be there to share this experience with her, not just the day of Noah’s birth, but also in the months the preceded it.

First, there were the maternity photos. I never got a chance to share them after we took them, but here they are now:

IMG_3871 copy IMG_3900 copy IMG_3909 copy IMG_3923 copy IMG_3944 copy IMG_4002 copy IMG_4051 copy IMG_4086 copy IMG_4098 copy IMG_4110 copy IMG_4118 copy IMG_4155 copy

Then came the actual birth. It was a very, very long process and I was so amazed by Katie’s strength and endurance. If someone would’ve told me a year ago that Kate was going to go through over 24 hours of labor and push out a 9+ pound baby, I would have cried for her then and there. I still don’t see how she was capable of it! Katie, I’m still in awe of you!

While I didn’t professionally document the birth (I wanted to be truly PRESENT for the experience rather than focusing on documenting every moment), I still managed to snap a few photos on my phone. What can I say? It’s an addiction.


Finally, in the late, late hours of June 12th, Noah made his first appearance. He was so big and beautiful! I’ll still never forget meeting him for the first time!

IMG_2146IMG_2150IMG_2152 IMG_2151 IMG_2153

Then, like the proud “Aunt” that I am, I went back the next day for more snuggles…


After that, we had quite the hilarious experience while taking his newborn photos. I won’t go into all of the greusome details, but let’s just say this: Noah is not a fan of organized photography. Or sleeping by the window. Or going diaper-less. 😉 I will definitely remember this day forever and most likely use the memory to embarrass him in front of his first girlfriend… I mean come on. How can I not share the story of me & his parents going through FIVE blankets in twenty minutes because he… Well, you get the picture. 😉

Anyway, we were still able to get a few photos. And I’m in love with every. single. one. of. them. Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_6947 IMG_6978 IMG_6980 IMG_6989 IMG_6983IMG_6931-2 IMG_6928-2IMG_7015

Lyndal, Katie, & Noah- I love you guys! I can’t wait to watch Noah grow. It is definitely going to be a fun journey, so thanks for sharing the beginning of it with me! 🙂

PS- Kiss my Noah extra for me tonight!

Alexis & Brady are having a baby! I was SO excited when Alex e-mailed me about this shoot for SO many reasons. For one, I LOVE return clients. Like, really… LOVE! Also, have you met Alexis or seen her wedding/ bridal photos?! She always takes me to the coolest places, has the neatest ideas, and is the best sport during the whole process.

As I guessed, this shoot was amazing. Alexis brought SO many props and we were able to capture a lot of really beautiful photos. So, here yall go:


Alexis & Brady, thanks for hiring me once again! I love working with you guys and I can’t wait for baby Kyler’s newborn photos in a couple of months. :)