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Kirk and Arryn were such a sweet couple to work with!

For their engagement session, we headed out to New Orleans for a morning shoot. We were afraid that the rain would get us, but it turned out to be beautiful during the whole session. We were thankfully able to make it out of the city before the raining (and flooding) started!

We got some amazing photos that make me even more excited to shoot their upcoming wedding. Check them out:

IMG_0053 copy IMG_0073 copy IMG_9912 copy IMG_9958 copy IMG_0088 copy IMG_0105 copy IMG_0130 copy IMG_0139 copy IMG_9980 copy IMG_9973 copy IMG_9977 copy IMG_9965 copy IMG_9963 copy IMG_9950 copy IMG_0008 copy IMG_0022 copy IMG_0028 copy IMG_0044-2 copy

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for an AMAZING senior rep session. 🙂 

I had the pleasure of photographing these two last weekend! Even in the woods, afraid of alligators, in the rain and thunder, we had a great time and got a ton of GREAT photos! In fact, I loved them so much that I’ve been non-stop editing ever since!

Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_8447 copy IMG_8459 copy IMG_8460 copy IMG_8469 copy IMG_8476 copy IMG_8522 copy IMG_8523 copy IMG_8541 copy IMG_8543-2 copy IMG_8554 copy IMG_8557 copy IMG_8559 copy IMG_8573 copy IMG_8579 copy IMG_8583 copy IMG_8586-2 copy IMG_8596 copy IMG_8601 copy

Thanks guys for being such great sports and I can’t wait for your wedding! 

Okay guys, it is FINALLY summer!!!!!

I am so excited to get back to work on a few fun projects that I have in mind, choose my senior reps, AND fill you guys in on a few things going on for me personally.

First off- THIS! A few weeks ago, we bought our dream house! We searched for the perfect size, location, and style for several months and ended up finding the perfect fit thanks to our realtor Jared with Keller Williams Realty. (If you need a guy, check him out because he is AWESOME to work with!)

We’ve spent every spare second since then cleaning, painting, shopping, decorating, and getting it all put together so that we could just enjoy it once summer came. And we met our goal! 

Of course the photographer in me just had to get photographic evidence of it all, some professionally done and some just with my iPhone. 

Here are a few phone snaps from the process:

IMG_3089 IMG_3088 IMG_3082 IMG_3084 IMG_3083 IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3087

A HUGE thanks to everyone that came to help us clean, paint, move, organize, etc.- especially my mom and Rob. Seriously, we couldn’t have done it without y’all!

Annnnnnd here is the finished product:

IMG_7036 copy IMG_7037 copy IMG_7038 copy IMG_7039 copy IMG_7044 copy IMG_7054 copy IMG_7045 copy IMG_7047 copy IMG_7055 copy IMG_7056 copy IMG_7057 copy IMG_7058 copy IMG_7059 copy IMG_7062 copy IMG_7066 copy IMG_7085 copy IMG_7087 copy IMG_7088 copy IMG_7090 copy IMG_7095 copy IMG_7091 copy IMG_7092 copy IMG_7093 copy IMG_7067 copy IMG_7097 copy IMG_7098 copy IMG_7100 copy IMG_7096 copy IMG_7076 copy IMG_7075 copy IMG_7080 copy IMG_7077 copy

And because I hadn’t put my husband through quite enough for the past few months, we also took a few more:

IMG_7118 copy IMG_7122 copy IMG_7102 copy IMG_7110 copy IMG_7131 copy IMG_7131-2 copy IMG_7061 copy IMG_7140 copy IMG_7142 copy IMG_7145 copy IMG_7146 copy

Eeeeek! Thanks again to everyone who helped us through-out this entire thing whether it was with labor, research, prayers, or well wishes. We truly appreciate it!

Stay tuned because this won’t be the last that you see from this house. 😉 Also, if you are selling your home and need a real estate photographer, CALL ME! Trust me, pictures are an important part of the process. There were a ton of homes on the market that we weren’t even motivated to look at because the advertising pictures just weren’t all that appealing. Our house, however, had great photos that made us take the leap to go look at it and OH MY GOD am I glad we did. 😉