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Ella Rae is turning ONE! Her mom (my BFF Alyssa) has been doing monthly photoshoots with her at home that follow a princess theme, so it was only natural for us to do her one year photos like this too! Check out Princess Ella Rae:

For the second half of this shoot, we of course had to do a cake smash. Let me tell you, I’ve done quite a few of these before and I’ve NEVER seen a baby go after the cake this fast haha! Ella Rae LOVED this part of her shoot and so did we! 

Lyss and Max- y’all have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! I can’t wait to watch her grow for many, many years to come! 🙂

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing my brother-in-law’s adorable family. 

We had a ton of fun and I am so happy with the pictures that we got.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Thanks for being so easy to work with guys!


I’ve know Hope for years. We went to school off and on together and she has been a reoccurring presence in my life even after high school ended! I am so happy to see Hope in a completely new way- as a mom! The love that she has for her beautiful daughter, Amory, is magnificent! 

Amory is seriously the most gorgeous, well-behaved baby I’ve ever encountered! Seriously! In 102 degree heat, she sat quietly and smiled through-out her session which included a woodsy location, three outfits, and cake smash! Best. Baby. Ever.

Take a gander at all of the wonderfulness here: 

IMG_5529 copy IMG_5542-2 copy IMG_5550 copy IMG_5553 copy IMG_5562 copy IMG_5575 copy IMG_5606 copy IMG_5620 copy IMG_5625 copy

For the actual cake smash, Amory was so funny! Ever the neat and polite child, she refused to make a mess. We kept giving her tastes of the cake and trying to put her fingers on it, but she would follow this by wiping off her hands. Seriously Hope – you have been blessed with the cutest child!

IMG_5638 copy IMG_5644 copy IMG_5647 copy IMG_5654 copy IMG_5656 copy IMG_5660 copy IMG_5662 copy IMG_5669 copy IMG_5675-2 copy IMG_5682 copy IMG_5689 copy IMG_5691 copy IMG_5693 copy IMG_5704 copy IMG_5707 copy IMG_5709 copy IMG_5719 copy IMG_5764-2 copy IMG_5779 copy

Hope- thank you for including me in the milestone in Amory’s life! I wish you both the best in the coming years!