Whew! What a WHIRLWIND summer it has been! 

To update you all, this summer we had a million and one things on our plate! My mom moved in with us for the summer while her house was being built, we vacayed in San Diego, me and a friend visited Vermont, New York, and Salem for a super fun wedding, and Ben and I went to Mexico to witness two of our closest friends become husband and wife! Oh, and the school year resumed TWO days after we got back from Mexico. I hope that this explains why the blog hasn’t been updated recently, haha! 

Now, though, I am officially BACK TO WORK! To kick it off, I wanted to share a few photos from our senior rep shoot a couple of weeks ago. We did things a little different this year, and next year I am planning on COMPLETELY changing my rep program, so this group photoshoot was a little bittersweet. 😉 I had a ton of fun with these three kiddos, although we did miss our 4th rep who was not able to attend due to a family health emergency. We managed to dodge the rain and lightning for JUUUUSSTTTT long enough to get some beautiful shots. Take a look:

Reps and Rep Parents – Thanks so much for choosing me to document your senior year! It’s going to be a blast! 

Seniors – Talk to these guys to find out how you can book a senior shoot like none other with Photography by Hailey AND help them out with earning Rep Credits! 

See you guys soon! 

Ben and I have a new niece- Natalie Belle Hennigan! She is SO tiny and SO beautiful! I was extremely excited to get my hands on her for a few newborn photos! Here are a few of my favorites:

Natalie – we can’t wait to watch you grow! <3

The Wilder Wedding was breathtaking! The church were they got married was historic and gorgeous! It honestly may have been the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen! Their reception venue was equally stunning and decorated wonderfully! To top it all off, their wedding party members and guests created a true party, making for tons of fun photos! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Joe and Morgan – thanks so much for hiring me to document your wedding day! I wish you both many years of happiness! 🙂