Austin & Makayla are getting married in less than 5 months! Soon, we will all be headed to Mexico to celebrate the future Mr. & Mrs. Obrien, but before we do, we had to take some engagement photos! Now, we took some “normal” engagement shots that are STUNNING! Those will be on my Facebook page soon (, but for now I wanted to share this Mexican-themed that we did to celebrate! It should come as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE that these two chose this quirky and hilarious theme for their photos. Every single picture is SO them! I loved the way they turned out! Take a look:


Austin & Makayla thanks so much for asking me to photograph your engagements! I can’t wait to celebrate you guys with everyone this summer! It is going to be a blast! 🙂 

Arryn and Kirk are such a sweet couple! I started working with them months ago when we went to New Orleans to shoot their engagement photos:


When Arryn told me that their wedding would be at Jungle Gardens, I was THRILLED! I have always loved Avery Island. I’ve done many bridals, engagements, and even a few seniors there, but I’ve wanted to shoot a wedding there for a long time! It was a beautiful day and the garden served as a beautiful backdrop! I loved spending the day with them again and am so pleased with the outcome:


Congrats to the Pankhursts! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! Call me when it’s time for family photos. 🙂 

Eleven years ago, my mom bought a house. I was a sophomore in high school and she was a single mom, working two jobs so that we could have somewhere safe and warm to call home.

We built so many memories in this house.

This is where I hung posters to decorate my hot pink bedroom. (But only on the back of the door- If you know Rhonda, you know she was not about to let me have nails in the wall! Haha!)

This is where I first learned to cook. (Or make margaritas – potato, pototo…)

This is where I helped my little brother with his homework.

This is where my best friends and I hung out, drinking on the porch.

This is where Robert became part of our family.

This is where I packed up my things (with my mom crying in my bed) as I prepared to move out on my own for the first time.

This is where I told my mom that I was getting married while we stood at the bathroom sink. 

This is where I truly grew into a woman. 

As nostalgic as it may all sound, it truly has been such a wonderful home to call mine, even as an adult with my own house now! As sad as I am for this chapter to close, I am beyond THRILLED that my mom and Rob will be moving to Lake Charles! I can’t wait for quick drop-ins, dinners that don’t have to be planned weeks in advance, and random lunch dates! 

I’m also excited for whoever gets to call this place home next. I know the next owner will start their story here and build memories of their own. 

Thanks guys for dropping by and reading through all of this, even though I know you probably only came for the pictures. 😉 I can’t wait to photograph Mom and Rob’s NEXT home since I’m sure they will want to pull a Hailey & Ben and have a session as soon as they move in haha! 

Until next time…