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Guys, the last month has been a WHIRLWIND! As I stated on my business Facebook, our home and most of its contents were destroyed in Hurricane Laura, our nephew had to spend time in the NICU, and my grandfather passed away. Right when I was ready to say “Okay 2020, I give up. You win!” I was able to meet, hold, and love on my precious nephew Jaxx- and that changed everything.

I’m lucky to have tons of nieces and nephews through my husband Ben’s family, but until lately, I have not gotten to experience that in my side of the family. In the last year, we finally got our wish x 2! My brother gained a previous step-daughter and then 2 weeks ago, blessed us with his son! The silver lining of this horrendous hurricane season and all that it took from us is that we now – all displaced – are living together and getting to experience the joy of baby Jaxx under one roof at our Mom’s house.

Jaxx is the world’s greatest baby. I know that I am extremely biased, but it is just the truth. He is adorable. He hardly ever cries. He has the tiniest body yet still has the cutest double chin that you’ve ever seen. Best of all, I get to witness my brother and his partner Danita serve as wonderful parents to this little ray of light! And huge bonus – I have gotten to hold and snuggle him every day of his life since he arrived home from the NICU. He has made 2020 completely worth it for our family.

Recently, we were finally able to take his newborn photos displaying all of the beauty that I mentioned above. Take a look at a handful of my favorite photos:

Baby Jaxx- I love you more than words and cannot wait to watch you grow. I promise to always be the best Buggy and give Uncle Ben turns holding you even when I just want to hog you. Brad & Danita – You already know. 😉 Love you all!