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Jessica has been such an amazing client! I am so happy that she found her happily ever after and I am also so honored that she chose ME to document it all for her. Now that she is officially a Mrs., I can share her bridal photos with you all! Take a look:

IMG_3939 copy IMG_3950 copy IMG_3969 copy IMG_3976 copy IMG_3997 copy IMG_4073 copy IMG_4074 copy IMG_4030 copy IMG_4102 copy IMG_4090 copy IMG_4117-2 copy IMG_4129 copy IMG_4128 copyAnddddd although this was supposed to be a bridal post with 1 or 2 wedding previews, I just can’t help myself! Check these pictures out from Jess’s AMAZING wedding:

IMG_7266 copy IMG_7241 copy IMG_7211 copy IMG_7285 copy IMG_7295 copy IMG_7328-2 copy 11 copy 12 copy IMG_7474 copy IMG_7488 copy IMG_7534 copy IMG_7496 copy IMG_7516 copy IMG_7520-2 copy 10 copy IMG_7526 copy 02 copy IMG_7717 copy IMG_7952 copy IMG_7973 copy IMG_7996 copy IMG_8008 copy IMG_8015 copy IMG_8061 copy IMG_8067 copy IMG_8077 copy IMG_8087 copy IMG_8092 copy IMG_8117 copy IMG_8135 copy IMG_8151 copy IMG_8154 copy

Thanks again Jessica for asking me to be a part of your wedding journey! It was seriously one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Stay tuned everyone, because I plan on doing an even BIGGER post about the amazing-ness of her wedding SOON. 😉

Ahhhhhh – Haley’s bridal session.

Guys, let me start with giving you a little background. Towards the end of February, I was in a major funk. I was at the peak of my season business-wise, in the middle of what seemed like 42 holidays, I was only a couple weeks out from an evaluation at my other job (teaching), annnnddd I had a respiratory infection that just would not go away. I was tired and run down and questioning everything.

“How can I keep doing this?” “Can I really have two jobs and retain my love for both?” “Is all of this really worth not having time off for friends, family, me?” 

Then this session happened. 

I was very excited to head to a new location to photograph one of my favorite clients – and bridals no less (one of my faves)! On the way there, as always, I prayed for safety driving and a smooth- flowing session. I also, however, prayed for a sign. I wanted – no, I needed – some sort of confirmation that I was on the right path… going in the right direction.

God gave me just that.

This session was exactly what I need to remind me about my feelings. I never doubted that I loved my job, I always knew that (DUH!). But, I was starting to let doubt creep in as to whether or not I could keep going full speed ahead with all of the irons that I currently have in the fire. This bridal shoot was the ultimate sign for me that I can and should.

I am so thankful to have been given this talent. I am so thankful to have these clients. I am so thankful to have this job. I am trusted with people’s most precious moments and memories. This is why I take so much thought and care in what I do. Yes, this can be overwhelming at times when also balancing life – but I would take exciting / overwhelming / joyous adventures to mundane safety and routine any day. What can I say, I love the chaos. 

Anyway – Thank you Haley & Co for giving me such a wonderful, creative, and refreshing session! It was just what I needed, just when I needed it. And I hope you guys had a blast as well. 🙂

Here are just a few of the highlights from what was (hands-down) one of my all-time favorite sessions: 

IMG_3248 copy IMG_3275 copy IMG_3285 copy IMG_3290 copy IMG_3292 copy IMG_3317 copy IMG_3320 copy IMG_3335 copy IMG_3366 copy IMG_3369 copy IMG_3391 copy IMG_3405 copy IMG_3411 copy IMG_3423 copy IMG_3444 copy IMG_3486 copy IMG_3519 copy IMG_3549 copy IMG_3570 copy IMG_3602 copy IMG_3621 copy

Haley – Thank you again for being such an awesome bride to work with! I CANNOT WAIT to share your wedding photos! For now, here is one of my favorites:


Okay one more:


P.S. – I wasn’t kidding about ordering one for my own house, no matter how weird Ben thinks that is haha!