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Martha is another Kinder High School senior rep client! She chose some locations around her hometown for us to shoot at and we had a blast! Here are a few of my favorites:

img_0301-copy img_0311-copy img_0323-copy img_0355-copy img_0358-copy img_0366-copy img_0426-2-copy img_0461-copy img_0472-copy img_0498-copy img_0500-copy

Stay tuned guys! A LOT more is coming soon! 🙂

I had an excellent day with Colin & Nicole. Their wedding was nothing short of beautiful and the love between them was a sight to see. Now, because I’m pre-writing this blog at 2 am- let’s get on with the pictures. 🙂

img_1185-copy img_1209-copy img_7793-copy img_7796-copy img_7800-copy img_7827-copy img_7816-2-copy img_7938-2-copy img_7961-copy img_7965-copy img_7847-copy img_7854-2-copy img_7861-copy img_7865-copy img_7897-copy img_7922-2-copy img_8058-copy img_8057-copy img_8031-copy img_8078-copy img_8125-2-copy img_8137-copy img_8105-copy img_8144-copy img_8195-copy img_8204-copy img_8239-2-copy img_8254-2-copy img_8227-copy img_8102-copy img_8094-copy img_8265-copy img_8267-copy img_8288-copy img_1436-2-copy img_1443-2-copy img_1449-2-copy img_1451-2-copy img_1452-2-copy img_1475-2-copy img_1489-copy img_8295-copy img_8298-copy img_1500-copy img_8325-copy img_8331-copy img_8479-copy img_8500-copy img_8558-copy img_8560-copy img_8510-copy img_8548-copy img_8158-copy img_8176-copy img_8583-copy img_8412-2-copy img_8440-2-copy img_8018-copy img_8012-copy img_8015-copy img_8606-2-copy img_8750-copy img_9167-copy img_9169-2-copy

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to document your special day! I hope to do business with you guys in the future as your journey continues! Best wishes! 

Jadah is a DREAM CLIENT! She prepared for her session by thinking of locations, outfits, props, poses, and tons of other ideas. Seriously, she was fabulous! Because of all of this, her session was extra amazing and I am in love with the photos! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

img_0049-copy img_0060-copy img_0102-copy img_0110-2-copy img_0130-copy img_0135-copy img_0170-copy img_0186-copy img_0191-copy img_0210-copy img_0228-copy img_0237-copy img_0245-copy img_0252-copy img_0257-copy img_0276-copy img_0280-2-copy img_0296-copy img_9740-copy img_9770-2-copy img_9782-copy img_9803-copy img_9817-copy img_9839-copy img_9868-copy img_9891-2-copy img_9919-copy img_9920-copy img_9938-copy img_9952-copy img_9975-2-copy img_9998-copy

Thanks to Jadah and her crew for such a great afternoon! I hope that you guys cherish these photos for years to come and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future!