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This season’s rep shoot went WONDERFULLY! It was extremely hot, but I’ll never complain, because (for the first time ever) it did NOT rain on rep shoot day! Yay!!! 

All of this year’s seniors (& their parents) are so sweet and easy to work with! I picked a really good variety of looks, personalities, and overall people this year and I’m so pleased with the results. Annnnd I can’t wait to get started on their individual shoots next month! Eeeek!

For this year’s shoot, we did 3 outfits: formal, boho, and (of course) Photography by Hailey style! 

Took a look at a few of my favorites:

IMG_5983 copy IMG_6005-4 copy IMG_6028 copy IMG_6034 copy IMG_6050-2 copy IMG_6060 copy IMG_6065 copy IMG_6074 copy IMG_6086 copy IMG_6088 copy IMG_6095-2 copy IMG_6099 copy IMG_6103 copy IMG_6112 copy IMG_6116 copy IMG_6126-2 copy IMG_6130 copy IMG_6139 copy IMG_6145 copy IMG_6156 copy IMG_6163 copy IMG_6176 copy IMG_6232 copy IMG_6233-2 copy IMG_6243 copy IMG_6246 copy IMG_6255 copy IMG_6261 copy IMG_6264 copy IMG_6279 copy IMG_6283 copy

Seniors, thank you all so much for being so amazing so far! Start planning for your PERSONAL senior shoot now so that we can WOW everyone even more! See you all soon. 🙂

When I first decided to do this series, I wrote down a list of qualities that I wanted those featured in it to possess. Then, I made a list of people that fit the description. (What can I say? You know I love a good list.) Among these sought-after qualities were this: hard-working, independent, unique, and powerful. One of the people that I immediately thought that fit the bill was Molly.

Molly work in the car sales industry – an industry that is notorious for being run by men. Molly is a minority in her field, yet she still dominates at her profession. She has also survived a lot in her personal life- the details of which are her story to tell, not mine. However, if you know Molly, you know just how strong of a woman she is. This is ultimately what made her such a great candidate for The Strong Women Series.

For her shoot, I knew that we HAD to include cars. The cars she sells, the cars she admires, and the car she drives. I wanted to keep it simple- a simple location, simple props, and simple outfits- so that we could keep the focus on her, the subject of this chapter. 

I love what we got and I’m so excited to share the results with you all!

IMG_5795 copy IMG_5796 copy IMG_5798-2 copy IMG_5806 copy IMG_5817-2 copy IMG_5826 copy IMG_5828 copy IMG_5836-2 copy IMG_5840 copy IMG_5848 copy IMG_5851-2 copy IMG_5860 copy IMG_5870 copy IMG_5872 copy

IMG_5879 copy IMG_5883 copy IMG_5892 copy IMG_5896 copy IMG_5900 copy IMG_5902-2 copy IMG_5911 copy IMG_5918 copy IMG_5928 copy IMG_5938 copy IMG_5952-2 copy IMG_5954 copy

Molly, thank you for being so passionate and wonderful to work with! 

Readers, this series will continue beyond this summer- I will continue weaving these sessions in when I can between my senior sessions, weddings, and school, so be on the lookout in the months to come. 😉 Also, coming soon – the beginning of a new senior season! Eeeek!