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I’ve know Hope for years. We went to school off and on together and she has been a reoccurring presence in my life even after high school ended! I am so happy to see Hope in a completely new way- as a mom! The love that she has for her beautiful daughter, Amory, is magnificent! 

Amory is seriously the most gorgeous, well-behaved baby I’ve ever encountered! Seriously! In 102 degree heat, she sat quietly and smiled through-out her session which included a woodsy location, three outfits, and cake smash! Best. Baby. Ever.

Take a gander at all of the wonderfulness here: 

IMG_5529 copy IMG_5542-2 copy IMG_5550 copy IMG_5553 copy IMG_5562 copy IMG_5575 copy IMG_5606 copy IMG_5620 copy IMG_5625 copy

For the actual cake smash, Amory was so funny! Ever the neat and polite child, she refused to make a mess. We kept giving her tastes of the cake and trying to put her fingers on it, but she would follow this by wiping off her hands. Seriously Hope – you have been blessed with the cutest child!

IMG_5638 copy IMG_5644 copy IMG_5647 copy IMG_5654 copy IMG_5656 copy IMG_5660 copy IMG_5662 copy IMG_5669 copy IMG_5675-2 copy IMG_5682 copy IMG_5689 copy IMG_5691 copy IMG_5693 copy IMG_5704 copy IMG_5707 copy IMG_5709 copy IMG_5719 copy IMG_5764-2 copy IMG_5779 copy

Hope- thank you for including me in the milestone in Amory’s life! I wish you both the best in the coming years! 

When I started designing this series, one of the FIRST people that I thought of is now being featured in this blog. This is my friend Emily. We first met when we were both thrown into teaching a second grade class in the middle of the year. I quickly learned that Emily and I had a TON in common – basically, she’s me but younger and a lot more social. 

I value our friendship for a ton of reasons. For one, we can simultaneously fire each other up and calm each other down – both of which are often needed. We have vent sessions that are always productive and help each other stay positive- even in the craziest of situations. Plus – since we basically share a brain – we are always able to help each other figure out situations whether they are good, bad, exciting, or devastating. We are also A+ over-thinkers and over-planners. Need proof? Emily made this for me to prepare for her shoot:

IMG_5262 copy

For Emily’s session, I wanted to incorporate a few different elements. We knew we HAD to include her work (teaching) as well as her biggest passion (being a dog mom). As a teacher, Emily carries a huge workload, even during her summers “off.” She spends her days in her classroom painting, organizing, and planning for next year. As a dog mom to Oliver (Ollie for short), her day to day life is always interesting. I think that we included all of this in her session in a really fun way! For her vintage shoot, I knew that we HAD to do a vintage swim set. Emily has a pool and is up for any challenge thrown her way – how much more perfect could it get?! 

IMG_5322 copy IMG_5335 copy IMG_5339 copy IMG_5347 copy IMG_5351-2 copy IMG_5356 copy IMG_5361 copy IMG_5379 copy IMG_5393 copy IMG_5418 copy IMG_5419 copy IMG_5431 copy IMG_5432-2 copy

IMG_5248 copy IMG_5249 copy IMG_5255 copy IMG_5260-2 copy IMG_5266 copy IMG_5282 copy IMG_5283 copy IMG_5286 copy IMG_5289-2 copy IMG_5298 copy IMG_5299 copy IMG_5300 copy IMG_5302 copy IMG_5306 copy IMG_5307 copy IMG_5314 copy IMG_5315 copy

Emily – thanks for being such a great sport and allowing me to invade your space for a day. 😉 

More of this series is still to come, so come back soon! 

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but as most of you know, I was busy settling into a newlywed euphoria. Since I’ve last written, I’ve gotten married, had a killer party to celebrate, and jetted off to Ireland with my hubby. 

Ben and I are so thankful for everyone’s love and support through-out this entire adventure. We truly had the time of our lives these last few weeks and so much of that is owed to our family members and friends. To catch you all up a bit, here are a few cell phone pictures from what we’ve been up to:

IMG_7501 IMG_7476 IMG_7471 Wed5 IMG_7474 IMG_7473

IMG_7807 IMG_7847 hm2 IMG_7868 hm1 IMG_7919 IMG_8020 IMG_7964 IMG_8168 IMG_8182

Still to come: I’m planning on making a HUGE wedding post once we have our professional pictures. I want to let you all in on our ideas/ all of the small details that we put into our wedding that may inspire or help you. As well, I want to offer some photographer-to-client advice that I now feel more equipped to give since I have officially been in the “bride” position. 

Plus, the next chapter of The Strong Women Series (<—- Yes, I didn’t forget about my latest project.)

Stay tuned!