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Ben & I have been dating for nearly 8.5 years.

We’ve grown, learned, and developed into our adult selves together – a luxury that many people don’t get unless they meet at a young age like us. While this sometimes made the road a little rougher, it has been such a blessing. One major perk of this has been that Ben and I have never really been embarrassed around one another.

We’ve seen each other at the highest and lowest of points. The awkward teen years- been there. The sleepless college nights- been there. The fumbling through newfound adulthood- been there (still there?). I’ve always been able to be myself – every possible version of myself (bad bangs and all) – in front of him. This is something that I’m so grateful for. He knows I work hard. He knows I often stay in on my days off to catch up on couch time. He knows I get high levels of anxiety in large crowds. He has never expected me to be anything else and I love him for that.

When we got engaged, everyone was so happy for us and we are blessed to have had that. And – yay for me – only a couple of people made the “Uh oh… time to learn how to cook” joke. The jokes became a little more present when we opted to have a honeymoon registry full of couples massages and beer rather than one comprised of kitchen knives and bakeware. For those of you who actually can cook – men and women – and therefore registered for these things, I applaud you. Learning to do so is definitely on my bucket list, but at my current blow and go, child-free stage of life, it isn’t on my list of priorities since it doesn’t come naturally to me.

The point of this little side story is to explain the origins of the first chapter of this series.

You see, all of these jokes and comments are meant to be lighthearted and I can absolutely make fun of my domestically-challenged self, but I’ll admit, at times they have gone too far. Once, I was even told that if I was going to be a good wife, I would HAVE to learn to cook. Out of all of the unsolicited marriage advice that I have gotten, this is my least favorite. Remain faithful? You bet. Keep our relationship a priority? Absolutely. Love unconditionally? I promise. Learn to cook in t-minus 11 days before I become a wife? Probably not going to happen. Lucky for me, Ben doesn’t care about this. He knows that I don’t have to be good in the kitchen to be a good wife. And, I’m not the only one who likes to break stereotypes. Ben, who is absolutely a “man’s man”- football and all- is one of the best cooks on the face of this planet. He helped me register for the few household items that we asked for and was elated when I informed him that we received each one. Point being, I am using this first chapter to poke a little fun at myself, while also celebrating the life that I am truly living as a teacher, business owner, dog mom, self-wedding planner, etc.   

For each chapter of this series, I have decided to make it two tiered. Part 1 showcasing the woman’s “vintage” life and part 2 showcasing the woman’s “fabulous, diverse, look at me I can have it all” life. 

Disclaimer – the part 1 of each of these chapters is meant to be comical, so laugh a little. 😉

Here we go:

IMG_4619 IMG_4632 IMG_4644 IMG_4759 IMG_4767 IMG_4795 IMG_4830 IMG_4867 IMG_4879 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4915 IMG_4925

Part 2:

IMG_4959 IMG_4963-2 IMG_4968 IMG_4974 IMG_4985 IMG_4988 IMG_4993-2 IMG_5008 IMG_5070 IMG_5106 IMG_5112 IMG_5133 IMG_5178 IMG_5212 IMG_5215 IMG_5229-2 IMG_5236

Thank you guys for reading all of that! I know it was kind of a lengthy post, but what can I say… I guess I’m chatty. 😉 


First of all, thank you to everyone for the love, support, and kind words about the announcement of this project – The Strong Women Series (Called such because I was told that “The Feminist Series” would scare off readers… Ahhhh, a battle for another day.)

I made a resolution and a promise to myself to “keep it 100” with everyone on this blog, to share my thoughts (photography and otherwise), and to share my life with you all more this year. This has gotten mostly positive feedback and I am so grateful.

Now, to clear a few things up:


1. My “feminist” thoughts do not mean WHATSOEVER that I do not believe in marriage, motherhood, etc. All the contrary, I think that it should be celebrated for the hard work and dedication that it takes. To the wives, mothers, and women in general that cook, clean, and do things that are “traditional”- I applaud you! I work very hard at my two jobs and try to still have a tidy house, clean laundry, happy almost- hubby, etc. (Now cooking… not my fave haha.) I can’t even image how much harder it will be to balance it all once I have children. The WHOLE POINT of this series is to acknowledge the fact that women are basically superheroes. We do work inside and outside of the home that is of utmost importance. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH!

2. I in no way think that men are “lesser” because I believe that women should be treated equally. I don’t understand that logic/math. Again, that is the whole point. I absolutely know that one man’s sexist comments do not mean that the entire male population is comprised of morons. I also know that women make insults that are hurtful to other women or unfairly judge them. It has happened to me. No matter who does it, it is wrong. Men degrading women. Women degrading women. It’s not okay, even if it is sugarcoated. My hope with this series is to show how far women have come and how far we still have to go as equal counterparts of men- not more. not less. The other goal of this series is to show that the greatest women do not compete with one another or compare lifestyles, but instead rejoice in the uniqueness and power of each other. Women should support other women and that’s what I’m here to do. 🙂 

3. I still admire traditional women. The housewives. The moms. The hard workers. The unsung heroes. My grandma- a tiny, foreign-born lady of yesteryear- is one of the best women I’ve ever met, as are Ben’s boss grandmothers – all of which were excellent homemakers and superhuman women. The objective of this series, again, is not to diminish what they have done, but to show that they have helped to break the “mold” that is the female image. 

The first shoot of this series is underway and I am so excited.

Check back soon to see what is sure to be transformative. 😉