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Last summer, I started a project called “The Fairytale Series.” During my time “off” (haha) from teaching, I like to use the sections of my day that have been freed up by really diving into new, fun projects for my business. Allowing myself the time and energy to really get creative stretches by artistic muscles and gives me a renewed sense of purpose and excitement with my photography.

This coming summer, I am going to be SO busy- our wedding, our honeymoon, preparing for my next year of teaching, paid sessions, etc. However, I knew that I wanted to do another series. I thought and thought about what it would be. I have a TON of secret ideas, but none of them seemed worth the effort at the time. Until now.

This summer, I am going to be doing a STRONG WOMEN series. The details? You’re just going to have to check back in a couple of months to find out. 😉 But how did I find the inspiration for this series? If you’re ready for an earful, read below:

IMG_1953-2 copy

Last week, I sat alone, minding my own business while I worked when a perfect stranger came up to me. He was a police officer. He was an older, graying man. A man that I immediately felt respect towards… until he opened his mouth. He walked up to me at my place of work, looked at me, laughed, and said “Um, do you even eat?!” I was baffled. Confused, I just nodded my head yes and he walked away.

Now, I know that this is such a “first world problem.” When I furiously told a couple of people this story, they laughed and said “Oh man, old men!” Or “Hey, better than someone walking up to you and saying ‘Do you even exercise?!'” Those who didn’t brush it off still tried to calm me by saying “He probably thought he was giving you a compliment. I’d love for someone to basically call me skinny!” Now, I understand all of these things. I can assure you that the man’s comment did not effect the way that I see myself or harm my confidence.

What did stick with me was his comfort in his words. The ease with which he waltzed into my professional space, chuckled, and so nonchalantly made a comment about my body. You may say “Maybe that’s just his personality” or “You’re overreacting.” It’s funny, because those were my same thoughts at first. I actually didn’t get upset until I thought about it more and more. Days before this incident, I encountered a female police officer, whom was interacting with a male in his place of work. They had a nice, professional conversation and, what do you know… she never made a comment about his body. Had she, all of us in the room (mostly women), would have been shocked and appalled. But you see, that’s the difference. We’ve been taught that there are two sets of rules for two types of people.

We’ve all been guilty of it at some point or another because it is how we have been programmed since birth. She’s crying? Hormonal. He’s crying? Girly. She’s lifting weights? Butch. He’s lifting weights? Macho. She’s cooking? It’s her duty. He’s cooking? How sweet! She’s taking care of the kids while he goes out? Um, that’s her job. He’s taking care of the kids while she goes out? He’s babysitting for the night.

You can laugh at this post and call me a crazy feminist. You can say I’m looking for a problem. You can say that there are bigger fish to fry. Honestly though, you have to admit that there is a definite difference in how men and women are treated. And even more honestly, it benefits and harms both at times. No matter which way you spin it though, it’s wrong.

I’m a pretty traditional person as far as values go, but there are some things that are too black and white to ignore, even if they have been seen as “okay” for decades upon decades. This is one of them.

I’m only one person. This blogpost isn’t going to change the world. This blogpost won’t change the way that most people think and speak about women. This blogpost may just seem like a giant “vent” on my part, and maybe it is, but I know I am not alone in these thoughts. How can I help to fix this problem? I don’t know the answer, but I feel like celebrating women- multifaceted, talented, and inspirational women is a great place to start.

But that’s just my two cents…. (Or, three cents, you know… if I were a man. ;))