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Class of 2017 – it is almost YOUR time! As a senior portrait photographer, I’m sure that I’m ALMOST as excited as you are! Now that the days of being a senior are numbered for the class of 2016, it is time for me to proceed with booking for my 2017 senior season! I am beginning my search for my 2017 senior reps NOW


I have been SO BLESSED to have amazing senior clients. All of them – especially my reps – have been the cream of the crop. They’ve been beautiful. They’ve been involved. They’ve been spectacular. I’m looking for those types of guys and gals for this next year. 

Do you love taking photos? Do you love representing your city or school? Do you love to be a part of something special and elite? If so, then you are EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Want to sign up? Here are the details, requirements, perks, etc. of being a Photography by Hailey senior rep:

Perks Requirements

I am taking applications for the next MONTH! In between now and the deadline – May 15 – I will being reviewing these applications in search of the next set of teens to join the Photography by Hailey senior class. The reps will be announced shortly after the deadline.

After that, I will be e-mailing all of my new reps to get all of the details in order for our first task- the SENIOR MODEL SHOOT on Saturday, August 6, 2016! This is a mandatory shoot for all senior reps, so if you are applying, put that on your calendar NOW so that you can be available if you are chosen. Trust me- it is an AMAZING experience and you would not want to miss anyway! 

Additional FAQs:

“How many reps will you choose?” – Honestly, I have no idea. Some years, I pick 3. Other years, I pick 13! It really depends on the diversity of applicants, schools represented, etc! We shall see. 😉

“A lot of people from my school are applying. Will you pick more than 1 rep per school?” – I am definitely open to having more than 1 rep from a school. I have picked as many as 7 reps from a single school before, so definitely apply! Hey- who knows? Maybe you’ll all get chosen and get to have even more of a bonding experience as reps!

“I’m a little shy. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable working with the other seniors. Do you think I’d enjoy being a rep?” – Trust me, you will LOVE it! A lot of the reps are shy at first, but it wears away quickly. Once the first few photographs have been taken, you get use to being on camera and around your peers. And plus, you’re all in the same boat, so just that gives you plenty to bond over. I’ve never had a rep leave the shoot feeling anything other than excited! (& maybe a little tired haha!)

“Where will the mandatory rep meeting / shoot be located at?” – The rep shoot will definitely be in the Lake Charles area (where I am based at). The specific location/ time details will be released via e-mail to the senior reps after the deadline for applications.

“What kind of senior do you chose to be a rep?” – Well… All kinds! To see photos from past rep sessions, click on the “senior” section of this blog. You’ll see a ton of fabulous guys and gals. You may even see someone you know! Here are a couple of my awesome past reps to give you an example:  

OLD SENIOR REPSYou KNOW you want to be a part of this, so fill out the survey below to start the process of being a part of the rep experience: 

If for any reason the online application form does NOT work, simply e-mail me at with your answers. 🙂

Thank you all for stopping by! I can’t wait to meet Photography by Hailey’s Class of 2017! 🙂 

Wow! What a year! Over the last 8 months, I have had the opportunity to work with countless guys and gals graduating in just a few short weeks. 

I went to a ton of amazing locations, visited with so many interesting people, and now have thousands of amazing pictures to show for it. 

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Seniors of 2016- you guys were such a fun group and I am so honored to have been a little part of your journey. 

I am so proud of what my senior program has become and what it will be in the coming years.

I am also so thankful for those who have supported me as clients, friends, and followers of my work and blog. I absolutely love what I do and I hope to continue to serve you all for years to come. 

To cap off this season, I need to announce my 2016 senior rep winner. This senior will receive a free full-length photoshoot for her and her friends- a perfect send-off before starting down their new paths and beginning their adult lives. The winner for this season is MORGAN PINDER! 

Congrats Morgan! Contact me soon and we will set something up for this summer. 🙂 I can’t wait to work with you again! 

IMG_4840 copy

Now, work is about to begin for the 2017 senior season.

That’s right- it is already here!

VERY SOON, I will be announcing information about my 2017 senior rep applications. Submissions will begin and applicants will be chosen prior to this summer! I am already so excited to begin working on next season’s shoots! Check in SOON for information about that. I promise you won’t want to miss it. 😉