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Kaci came to me after seeing her friend’s senior photos. This friend, Morgan, is one of my fabulous senior reps and came along to this shoot as well!

We had a ton of fun and Kaci was so trusting and open to my ideas! She was also sweet, not to mention very photogenic! I love her photos and am so excited to share them with you all!

Here we go:

IMG_2447 copy IMG_2418 copy IMG_2365 copy IMG_2336 copy IMG_2594 copy IMG_2550 copy IMG_2507 copy IMG_2515 copy IMG_2529 copy IMG_2530-2 copy

Thanks for stopping by! I have several seniors left to shoot, process, and blog, so keep checking back! 🙂

Emily is one of my current senior reps! She attends Oberlin High School where she is a member of Living Healthy Club, Fellowship of Christian Students, and a part of the Literary Rally team. She enjoys competing in pageants and fishing. Emily said she chose Photography by Hailey to take her senior portraits because “there is no one else that I would want to take my senior pictures.” I chose this wonderful senior to be a rep due to her beauty, style, and fun personality.

Emily’s senior session had so many componants that I’ve been DREAMING OF for so long! I’ve been wanting to do a shoot involving a car. Check. I’ve wanted to do a new spin on the whole “glitter blowing” trend. Check. I’ve been NEEDING to do a dramatic senior series with the model in an evening gown. Annnnnd check.

To add to the fact that I was able to exercise some pent up creativity, this session also had GORGEOUS sunset light, one of a kind locations, and stunning hair and make up- all of which made for a killer session!

Here are a few of my favorites:

First up are a few from Emily’s hometown. Shooting in an area that is unique to your town is awesome! Even if the location doesn’t look like anything special, it will be perfect! A location like this makes your session unique and sentimental.

IMG_1644 copy IMG_1664 copy IMG_1684 copy IMG_1702 copy IMG_1709 copy

Then, we went to Emily’s dad’s land where he has rice bins. Yes, this is a type of location that I use a lot, but it never gets old! This is especially cool when it relates to the client’s family so that it is meaningful as well as cute!

IMG_1720 copy IMG_1731 copy IMG_1736 copy IMG_1747 copy IMG_1748 copy

Then we went to Emily’s cousin’s house. Again, meaningful AND gorgeous. I’ll never say no to a field of flowers!

IMG_1758 copy IMG_1799 copy IMG_1820 copy IMG_1822 copy IMG_1842 copy

And now… Seriously. Want for me to overload you with tons of extra photos because I simply cannot narrow down my favorites? BRING AN EVENING GOWN! Whether it is a prom dress, a pageant dress, or just a dress you love, it looks AMAZING in pictures. And hey, we can still get the traditional pictures later on in the session. This will just give your senior photos an added level of creativity and uniqueness to look back on for years!

IMG_1873 copy IMG_1897 copy IMG_1903 copy IMG_1916 copy IMG_1935 copy IMG_1944-2 copy IMG_1952 copy IMG_1953 copy IMG_1998 copy

IMG_2018-2 copy

And then, we went to Emily’s grandma’s home – another sentimental location with stunning views, trees, and areas for props. Besides just the evening gown, crown, etc., Emily also brought a hat, her beloved car, and a fun surprise in her high school colors to use as an alternative to glitter and/or balloons.

IMG_2031 copy IMG_2047 copy IMG_2060 copy IMG_2064 copy IMG_2083 copy IMG_2086-2 copy IMG_2097 copy IMG_2107 copy IMG_2114 copyIMG_2126 copy IMG_2133 copy IMG_2136 copy IMG_2140 copy IMG_2148 copy IMG_2169 copy IMG_2185 copy IMG_2201 copyIMG_2202 copy 

And then there ended up being a paint war because why waste all of the other colors that came in the pack?! Haha!

IMG_2225 copy IMG_2250 copy IMG_2287 copy IMG_2290 copy IMG_2308 copy IMG_2310 copy IMG_2316 copy

To Emily & her mom (& Brad)- Thank you so much for including me in your senior year! This was one of my favorites sessions EVER and it is because you guys put so much thought and effort into it! Thanks for helping to make it special! (And for holding my reflector to get all of that gorgeous highlighting! 😉

Readers, there is even more senior goodness to come! This has been an AMAZING senior season and I am so happy that it is not over yet. 😉

Oh, and no session is complete without a few behind the scenes photos. I’ve been slacking on sharing those lately, so here are a few from this session:

IMG_1574 IMG_5383IMG_1815IMG_3158 IMG_1846 IMG_1061 IMG_5323 IMG_2150 IMG_2152 IMG_2178 IMG_2213 IMG_2307

IMG_1058-2 copy

As I begin the final stretch of senior season (and 30 straight days of work – YIKES!), my head is spinning! Between my photography business, my teaching job, and planning a wedding, I am totally booked. But, feeling tapped out is not a new feeling for me. All my life, I have always had an extreme talent for overloading myself. What can I say? It’s very hard for me to say no. I enjoy working with clients, participating in opportunities for growth (career and otherwise), and going out and experiencing things with those I love most.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a senior client whose mother I went to college with. She, too, graduated in education and is a teacher. While he changed and gathered props, we were able to catch up a bit. We exchanged classroom stories and talked about the fast pace of the field. She then asked me “How do you do it? How do you have two jobs that require so much of you?” I get asked this a lot! Some people (like this sweet lady) are seriously just trying to wrap their heads around it. Others sometimes ask out of what I’m guessing is curiosity or concern – like, are you SURE you can get me my pictures on time?! (The answer to which is OF COURSE! I pride myself on professional service. I will NEVER slack when it comes to my precious clients!)

Still, these comments sometimes make me take a step back and reflect… How does it all get done? How is it possible to have it all? I KNOW I’m not the only one who has two jobs… or works long hours… or is planning a wedding… heck, I don’t even have kids and I constantly wonder how in the world I’ll make it once that happens. Thank God I have a ton of amazing people who lend me a hand, an ear, or a shoulder when I need it most.

This made me think back to a talk I had with my stepdad at the end of last summer. The semi-carefree, relaxed days were coming to an end and real life was sinking in. The weight of it all was overwhelming enough to nearly knock the wind out of me. The anxiety of going back to working full-time x 2 was crushing. As I hyperventilated and said “How am I going to do it all,” he said “You just will. You always do.” As simple of a concept as that is, it’s true. You adjust. You figure it out. You make it work. It falls into place. For a control freak like me, that can be a hard thing to grasp, but it’s true. 

So… The secret to having it all? Have it all. That’s what I’m planning on anyway.