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A couple of weeks ago, Paige and I shot part two of her senior portraits. 

I need to take a moment to say that I absolutely love the idea of having two sessions for your senior portraits. I did it when I was a senior, and I am so happy that I did! This allows you more diversity in locations, outfits, hair and make-up, and overall pictures. 

This go around, Paige opted to shoot in downtown Lake Charles. We had a great afternoon and were able to capture some really stunning shots. Take a look below:

IMG_3353 copy IMG_3361-2 copy IMG_3378 copy IMG_3399 copy IMG_3439 copy IMG_3443 copy IMG_3477 copy IMG_3477-2 copy IMG_3523 copy IMG_3528-2 copy IMG_3532 copy IMG_3575 copy IMG_3599 copy IMG_3613-2 copy

Paige & Co, thanks again for allowing me to photograph your senior year! It has been a complete joy to work with you and your family over the last few years! 🙂 

Readers- senior season is almost finished, but that doesn’t mean that I’m slowing down anytime soon!

Still to come: senior recaps, senior 2017 announcements, and a few personal posts involving my upcoming wedding. Check back soon. 😉

Ally is another one of my awesome senior clients! She also heard about Photography by Hailey via one of my senior reps! I was so happy that she contacted me! Ally and her mom were a blast to work with! They were so friendly and we had a lot of great conversation while wandering from location to location! We took a ton of photos that I am in love with!

Let’s take a look:

IMG_3145 copy IMG_3181-2 copy IMG_3187 copy IMG_3207 copy IMG_3217 copy IMG_3232 copy IMG_3281 copy IMG_3290-2 copy IMG_3304 copy IMG_3322 copy IMG_3338 copy IMG_3117 copy IMG_3142 copy IMG_3111 copy

Side-note: Within 5 minutes of this session, I noticed that Ally looks SO much like my favorite bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. Seriously, look:


I tried to not fangirl too hard, but the resemblance is insane!

Again, Ally – thanks for hiring me to document your senior year. 🙂 

See yall soon to show off my last few senior clients of 2016. 😉

Kelsey is one of my 2016 senior reps! She is a member of the volleyball team and participates in the rodeo! She enjoys being with her horses and participating in competitions! Kelsey applied to be a rep after seeing excellent photos of her friends, classmates, and 2015 senior models. I chose this young lady as one of my representatives because of her unique style and sweet personality! 

For her photo session, she took me to her family friend’s house where she had a TON of great outfits, many cool ideas, and a whole bunch of gorgeous land for us to roam and shoot in. She even brought along her horse, as well as her sweet puppy Jake. 

For those of you who know me and/or have shot with me, yall know I am TERRIFIED of animals. Lucky for me, her pup Jake was so sweet, fluffy, and never even barked at me. Instead, when I got there, he ran up to me and dropped a ball at my feet. How could you say no to that?! 

Anyway, I had a great time with Kelsey, her family, and even the animals during this photo shoot! We got a ton of great pictures and I am so obsessed with them, so you’ll be seeing this girl’s face a lotttttt in the coming months as I begin to advertise for my 2017 senior reps (oh yeah, get ready for more info on that soon ;)). 

Here are just a few of my favorites:

IMG_2639 copy IMG_2617-2 copy IMG_2774 copy IMG_2768 copy IMG_2667 copy IMG_2711 copy IMG_2737 copy IMG_2746-2 copy IMG_2881 copy IMG_2875 copy IMG_2877 copy IMG_2788 copy IMG_2871 copy IMG_2897 copy IMG_2958 copy IMG_3018 copy IMG_3021-2 copy IMG_2993 copy IMG_3080 copy IMG_3076 copy IMG_3061 copy

Thank you guys for being so prepared and fun to work with! 🙂 Call me when it is little sister’s turn! 🙂