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Kaitlyn is one of my fabulous senior reps! She is a tennis player and the treasurer of SHHS’s FBLA club. She enjoys swimming, working out, and shopping. Kaitlyn chose Photography by Hailey to take her senior portraits at the recommendation of friends who took part in the senior experience.

I chose this pretty lady to be a senior rep due to her eagerness to participate and comfort in front of the camera. Kaitlyn’s session- while a bit rainy- was so much fun. We were able to squeeze in her session in the nick of time, right before it really started to pour! I’m so happy that we were able to fit in all of her outfits, locations, and ideas because she rocked them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_1229 copy IMG_1253 copy IMG_1260 copy IMG_1281-2 copy IMG_1285 copy IMG_1298 copy IMG_1314 copy IMG_1316-2 copy IMG_1336 copy IMG_1343 copy IMG_1365 copy IMG_1376 copy IMG_1395 copy

Thanks so much for being an excellent rep Kaitlyn!

The season is still in full swing, so come back soon for more senior goodness!

It is finally here! 

For a while now, I have wanted to make my information for clients more visual. 

When you get a piece of paper with straight forward information, that’s great, but it isn’t really representative of what a portrait session with me is like. 

I work hard to make my sessions an experience. From booking to website delivery, I want for you to enjoy every moment! I want to get you excited! I want for you to plan well for your session and enjoy every minute of it! I want for you to look back at our time together and go “Wow! I want to do that again.”

This needs to be shown in the way that I give clients information. 

My website is still the source of my in depth – info, but my new client guidse will be an excellent tool for general information for a particular session.

For the last few weeks, I have worked tirelessly to create guides that have style, advice, and all of the deets that a client really wants – all in ONE place. Topped of with gorgeous photos, these little magazines have been such a fun project!

Sadly, I’m not done yet. This is a HUGE undertaking and I want the magazines to be PERFECT before I show them off. 

Buuuuuut, I am done with the senior guide and want to share it now! 

Take a look at my pride and joy, my senior magazine: 

 00 01 02 03

040506070809I hope you love this magazine and that it is an excellent resource for my clients.

If you saw a photo of someone you know, share this on their wall so that they can see what every other pototential senior client will – a beautiful photos of them. 🙂


When Jadelyn’s mom contacted me to take her senior photos, I was so excited! First of all, Jadelyn is a beautiful girl, so duh, I’d love to take her pictures!

Also, I took Jadelyn’s brother’s senior photos a few years ago:

Bro1 Bro2

And her boyfriend’s:


I LOVE working with previous/ connected clients. It’s seriously such a huge compliment that I REALLY appreciate. 🙂

This session was a REALLY a longggg time coming. This was Jadelyn’s THIRD try at an appointment- a new record- and, after multiple rain-outs, we were finally able to shoot part one of her senior photos! It was SO worth the wait.

Jadelyn brought props on props on props, making this session extra perfect! Seriously, seniors, take a page out of her book when preparing for your session. Look at a few of my favorites from her session to see just what I mean…

IMG_0882 copy IMG_0896 copy IMG_0904 copy IMG_0943 copy IMG_0959 copy IMG_0973 copy IMG_1003 copy IMG_1015 copy IMG_1030 copy IMG_1026 copy IMG_1043 copy IMG_1046 copy IMG_1058-2 copy IMG_1082 copy IMG_1107 copy IMG_1110-2 copy IMG_1161 copy IMG_1168 copy IMG_1174-2 copy IMG_1182 copy IMG_1201 copy IMG_1204 copy

Thank you for being so fun to work with guys! I can’t wait for part two of your photos. 🙂