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I had so much fun with this senior, his parents, and a group of his best friends! We were able to get a lot of shots of him, as well as a few with his BFFs.

(Future clients – this is a GREAT idea! Not only does shooting with friends help “loosen up” the process, but it also makes for some GREAT memories. I did this my senior year – way back when – and am SO THANKFUL for the photos I have with my high school besties.)

Anyway… Check out a few of my favorites:

IMG_0139 copy IMG_0165-2 copy IMG_0216 copy IMG_0235 copy IMG_0237-2 copy IMG_0280 copy IMG_0296 copy IMG_0315 copy IMG_0339-2 copy IMG_0363 copy IMG_0395 copy IMG_0409 copy IMG_0425 copy IMG_0432-2 copy

Ben & Tara, thank you for choosing me to document this for you! I hope you adore them! I’ll have them all to you in a few days. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

8 years ago yesterday, I went to the movies with a boy I liked.

Picture perfect, adventurous, and romantic…

are NOT words I would use to describe the experience.

I was 15. He was 17. We were awkward and young. Neither one of us drove, so we had to convince one of Ben’s friends to drive us. (Thanks Alex.)

Then, so he wouldn’t feel like the 3rd wheel, we had to convince one of my friends to come along. (Thanks Alyssa.)

So we went to the movie (which was actually pretty good) and to dinner… at Wendy’s… Where Alyssa and I didn’t even eat because we were too cool to eat the crust off of chicken nuggets and frosty-dipped fries in front of guys… (Yeah, we were those girls. Gag.)

Then, we rushed back to Kinder to meet curfew where the car dropped us of down the road so that we wouldn’t wake our parents.

This night, though, while comically cliche and pretty uneventful, changed my life.

The next day, I got up the nerve to call the boy. We talked for a bit- small talk, a few laughs about the night before- and hung up a couple of minutes later.

I sat there. Thought.

Then, I called him back – obsessive and persistent, I know. Has anything about me changed?!

“Okay- either I’m your girlfriend or we’re just wasting time, what are we?”

“Well, you’re my girlfriend,” he said with a chuckle. (Always the calm to my storm, sigh.)

Not the over-the-top romantic story you were hoping for? That’s okay.

Life isn’t a movie. Life isn’t a best-selling young adult novel written by Judy Blume or John Green. Thank God.

No- at times, life is simple. mundane. elementary.

But, as the old saying goes- “Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary life, we find a fairytale.”

Or something like that anyway.

So now, 8 years after I semi-pressured the boy to make me his girlfriend, I am doing just that. I’m living an ordinary life at times (work- laundry- movie dates), but in the most extraordinary, real life fairytale way I know how… with the boy turned boyfriend turned fiancรฉย who makes life adventurous and spectacular and exhilarating (and all of the other adjectives that there are out there that I don’t have time to look up because I’m late for dinner with him).

The take away here? Don’t get so bogged down in life that you fail to see the sparkle in the dull, the adventure in the monotonous, or the romance in the little things… like movie dates and long car rides home.

Oh, and Ben- happy anniversary. Thank you for putting up with me for this long. I can’t wait to spend always with you. ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

IMG_8630 IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8648 IMG_8654 IMG_8655

It’s not often that I do family photography anymore. As most of you know, my focus is more on senior portrait and wedding photography. However, when I am able to photograph families or children a couple of times a year, I absolutely love it!

These two little girls were so fun to work with, even in the freezing cold. Their mom, Mary, opted to have very laid back portraits with a lifestyle twist. This, of course, was right up my alley. We were able to get some great shots that captured their personalities. From silly shots to game playing to affection showing- we covered it all!

Take a look at a few of my favorites:

IMG_9469 copy IMG_9501 copy IMG_9524 copy IMG_9535-2 copy IMG_9541 copy IMG_9559 copy IMG_9563-2 copy IMG_9580 copy IMG_9582 copy IMG_9622-2 copy IMG_9624-2 copy IMG_9626 copy IMG_9632 copy IMG_9640 copy IMG_9647-2 copy IMG_9664 copy IMG_9673 copy IMG_9707 copy IMG_9726-2 copy IMG_9750 copy IMG_9775 copy IMG_9816 copy IMG_9817 copy IMG_9858 copy IMG_9880 copy IMG_9888 copy

How cute were these kids?! Disclaimer: I never even told them to hug- they just love each other that much! So adorable!

Mary- thank you for asking me to photograph your girls. I loved working with you and can’t wait to do so again in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚