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Emily and Derek are such a sweet couple! I had the pleasure of documenting their engagement photos, as well as their wedding day for them. Here are a handful of my favorites from their big day:

IMG_5854 copy IMG_5856-2 copy IMG_5857 copy IMG_5879 copy IMG_5882 copy IMG_5885 copy IMG_5909 copy IMG_5913 copy IMG_5926 copy IMG_5930 copy IMG_5931 copy IMG_5942 copy IMG_5947 copy IMG_5951 copy IMG_5958 copy IMG_5970 copy IMG_5987-2 copy IMG_5989 copy IMG_6007-2 copy IMG_6018-2 copy IMG_6019-2 copy IMG_6035-2 copy IMG_6040 copy IMG_6051 copy IMG_6112 copy IMG_6116 copy IMG_6180-2 copy IMG_6181-2 copy IMG_6183 copy IMG_6186 copy IMG_6214-2 copy IMG_6225 copy IMG_6287 copy IMG_6292 copy IMG_6320-0 copy IMG_6323-2 copy IMG_6332 copy IMG_6354 copy IMG_6355 copy IMG_6365 copy IMG_6366 copy IMG_6368 copy IMG_6392-2 copy IMG_6393 copy IMG_6404 copy IMG_6406-2 copy IMG_6417 copy IMG_6428-2 copy IMG_6434-2 copy IMG_6447-2 copy IMG_6449-2 copy IMG_6507 copy IMG_6509 copy IMG_6513-2 copy IMG_6515-2 copy IMG_6559 copy IMG_6560 copy IMG_6581 copy IMG_6588 copy IMG_6589 copy IMG_6594 copy IMG_6595 copy IMG_6599 copy IMG_6612 copy IMG_6630 copy IMG_6632 copy IMG_6640 copy IMG_6661 copy IMG_6678 copy IMG_6694 copy IMG_6701 copy IMG_6710 copy IMG_6723 copy IMG_6741 copy IMG_6755 copy IMG_6758-2 copy IMG_6766 copy IMG_6782 copy IMG_6818 copy IMG_6696 copy

Emily & Derek- thank you guys for hiring me to be a part of your special time! It was such a joy and I hope to work with you both again in the future! 🙂

Emily is another senior client, as well as senior rep! She is a softball player and a member of FCS, FFA, and FBLA. She enjoys photography, painting, and pageants. Emily chose Photography by Hailey to take her senior photos because when she “took a glimpse at Photography by Hailey’s amazing work” she knew she “had to try to be a part of it.”

I chose Emily to be a senior rep due to her passion for photography, as well as the ability for her to advertise to a new market in her parish. Emily was a great choice for a rep! Her session was so much fun. She took me to Plainview, Elizabeth, Glenmora, and several other areas that were special to her. I even got to ride on one of those cool little 4-wheeler-meets-golf-cart things to her hunting lease (<—- the closest I have ever/ will ever get to hunting myself). It was a great experience filled with awesome locations, photo opportunities, and of course a great senior as well! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_7193 copy IMG_7206 copy IMG_7249 copy IMG_7256 copy IMG_7266 copy IMG_7276 copy IMG_7280 copy IMG_7284-2 copy IMG_7287 copy IMG_7292 copy IMG_7311 copy IMG_7319 copy IMG_7323 copy IMG_7338 copy IMG_7343-2 copy IMG_7347 copy IMG_7362 copy IMG_7371 copy

Emily, thank you for asking me to document your senior year for you! Best wishes!

Readers- Thanks for stopping by! This season isn’t slowing down yet, so stay tuned for (you guessed it) MORE SENIORS!