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The Andings were such a joy to work with! Their wedding day was the smoothest one that I’ve seen yet. (Probably in large part due to the fact that they did a gorgeous first look and did 90% of their photos BEFORE the ceremony. ;)) It was a beautiful day on all levels and I’m so happy for the couple. Their love for one another, as well as each other’s children was so obvious during every moment. I hope that I did it justice in their photos. 🙂 I’m so excited to be able to share just a few of my favorites with you all now. Here you go:

IMG_3535 copy IMG_3536 copy IMG_3539 copy IMG_3543 copy IMG_3549 copy IMG_3552 copy IMG_3554 copy IMG_3560 copy IMG_3580 copy IMG_3593 copy IMG_3627 copy IMG_3629 copy IMG_3631 copy IMG_3647 copy IMG_3653 copy IMG_3659 copy IMG_3692 copy IMG_3720 copy IMG_3726-2 copy IMG_3742 copy IMG_3746 copy IMG_3750 copy IMG_3766 copy IMG_3777-2 copy IMG_3790 copy IMG_3814 copy IMG_3835-2 copy IMG_3847 copy IMG_3864-2 copy IMG_3915 copy IMG_3917-2 copy IMG_3968 copy IMG_3976 copy IMG_3978 copy IMG_3982-2 copy IMG_3994 copy IMG_4002 copy IMG_4004 copy IMG_4012 copy IMG_4017 copy IMG_4020 copy IMG_4025 copy IMG_4044 copy IMG_4081-2 copy IMG_4087 copy IMG_4089 copy IMG_4093-2 copy IMG_4103 copy IMG_4105-2 copy IMG_4108 copy IMG_4109 copy IMG_4110 copy IMG_4118 copy IMG_4149 copy IMG_4155 copy IMG_4157 copy IMG_4180 copy IMG_4182 copy IMG_4190 copy IMG_4200 copy IMG_4222-2 copy IMG_4232 copy IMG_4240 copy IMG_4244 copy IMG_4245 copy IMG_4279 copy IMG_4288 copy IMG_4337 copy IMG_4342 copy IMG_4346 copy IMG_4362 copy IMG_4383 copy IMG_4397 copy IMG_4441 copy IMG_4448 copy IMG_4477 copy IMG_4484 copy IMG_4495 copy IMG_4514 copy IMG_4577 copy IMG_4611 copy IMG_4612 copy IMG_4614-2 copy IMG_4618-2 copy IMG_4643-2 copy IMG_4647 copy

Congrats again you guys! I wish you many, many years of happiness! 🙂

Kandalyn’s senior session was one of my favorites ever! We went out to Avery Island and had a day full of beautiful lighting, awesome props, and exciting adventures! We even found an abandoned mansion to snap a few photos in before me and Kandalyn’s mom got so scared that we had to leave haha! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_4908 copy IMG_4914 copy IMG_4924 copy IMG_4935 copy IMG_4950 copy IMG_4966 copy IMG_5024 copy IMG_5081 copy IMG_5096 copy IMG_5112 copy IMG_5126 copy IMG_5135 copy IMG_5157 copy IMG_5185 copy IMG_5188 copy IMG_5198 copy IMG_5203 copy IMG_5211 copy IMG_5217 copy

To Kandalyn and her family- thanks for inviting me to be a part of your senior year! I loved documenting this time for you and I hope to do this more for you in the years to come! 🙂

Morgan is my next senior client, and also a Photography by Hailey rep! She is a member of student council and the beta club. She enjoys reading, dancing, and spending time with her family. Morgan stated that she chose Photography by Hailey as her senior portrait photographer after “falling in love” with my photos online and also said she saw the senior rep experience as a “perfect opportunity.” I knew that Morgan would be a great representative because of her comfort in front of the camera and her online presence.

Morgan was a joy to work with! She is the sweetest girl and SO BEAUTIFUL! Here are a few of my favorites from her session:

IMG_4655 copy IMG_4657-2 copy IMG_4667 copy IMG_4678 copy IMG_4690 copy IMG_4736 copy IMG_4739 copy IMG_4749 copy IMG_4770 copy IMG_4784 copy IMG_4804-2 copy IMG_4828 copy IMG_4840 copy IMG_4872 copy IMG_4885-2 copy

To Morgan and her mom: Thanks so much for choosing me as your senior portrait photographer! I can’t wait to work with you guys again soon! 🙂