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Yall. I can’t express how much I love this couple. During my very first meeting with Josie, I knew that I HAD to photograph her wedding! We just clicked! She has such a fun and sweet personality, as well as a ton of amazing ideas for her wedding! Anthony, her fiance, is so wonderful too. He was so cooperative and kind throughout the shoot, even in the million degree heat!

I have been counting down the days until I could finally share these fabulous engagement photos that we shot in New Orleans, where Anthony proposed to Josie. They are some of my favorites EVER, so take a look:

IMG_2845 copy IMG_2867 copy IMG_2877 copy IMG_2915 copy IMG_2938 copy IMG_2940 copy IMG_2943 copy IMG_2948 copy IMG_2953 copy IMG_2991 copy IMG_3001 copy IMG_3010 copy IMG_3021 copy IMG_3029 copy IMG_3090 copy IMG_3129 copy IMG_3139 copy IMG_3172 copy IMG_3197 copy

Thanks so much guys for letting me be a part of this wonderful time in your lives! I CANNOT wait for Josie’s bridal photos- which are happening very, very soon. 🙂

Brooke is one of my FABULOUS senior clients, and also a senior rep! She is student council president, a part of the link crew, and a member of the national honor society. She enjoys Crossfit and spending time with her friends and family. Brooke said that she chose Photography by Hailey to document her senior year because PBH is her “favorite” and she wanted “unique and diverse senior pictures.” I knew that Brooke would be a great PBH rep because of her outgoing and fun personality, as well as her involvement in her hometown of Iowa.

Brooke’s shoot was such a fun way to kick off my favorite time of year- senior season! She was so prepared and was up for anything, which always results in great photos! Take a look at these gorgeous shots:

IMG_1940 copy IMG_1936 copy IMG_1960 copy IMG_1986 copy IMG_2039 copy IMG_2043 copy IMG_2063 copy IMG_2060 copy IMG_2070 copy IMG_2119 copy IMG_2158 copy IMG_2186 copy IMG_2223 copy IMG_2207 copy IMG_2248 copy IMG_2275 copy IMG_2320 copy

Thank you to Brooke (and Mrs. Carla) for trusting me with your senior year! I hope I did it justice! 🙂

I love photographing couples and I love photographing my friends, so I absolutely love it when I get to mix the two together.

Take a look:

IMG_1655 copy IMG_1657 copy IMG_1680 copy IMG_1693 copy IMG_1703 copy IMG_1721 copy IMG_1757 copy IMG_1767 copy IMG_1775 copy IMG_1781 copy IMG_1801 copy IMG_1809 copy 

For the next set, we decided to do a lifestyle version of photos to celebrate Austin buying his first home. This quickly became an expectation vs. reality set of pictures. The photos are hilarious, as are Austin and Makayla!

IMG_1828 copy IMG_1749 copy IMG_1751 copy IMG_1877 copy IMG_1876 copy IMG_1875 copy IMG_1845 copy IMG_1899 copy IMG_1889 copy IMG_1883 copy IMG_1885 copy 

Well, thanks guys for asking me to photograph these portraits for you!

I have VERY FEW spots left in between now and May, so if you are hoping to book a session with me, you need to do so NOW!

Readers, hurry back for couple, wedding, and senior photography- all of which will be hitting the blog SOON! 🙂