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Ahhhhhh…. here we are. It is officially the eve of the new school year (for me anyway). I’m nervous, anxious, and excited.

For those of you who do not know, being a photographer is not my only job. I am also a first grade teacher. I LOVE both of my jobs. I get to utilize my creativity, organizational skills, and passion for an ever-changing environment daily. Both of these jobs require a HUGE amount of dedication and a never-ending time commitment.

Luckily, my fiance, Ben, completely understands. He admires my passion and drive for what I do because he, too, has those qualities. Ben works at Billy Navarre Chevrolet in Sulphur. He is at work 6 days a week, 8-12 hours a day. And it doesn’t end there. When he’s at home, he’s researching new information, returning customer calls and e-mails, and checking in on past clients. He handles his job, co-workers, and (especially) his clients with so much care. It is so admirable. Most people don’t realize the undertaking that it is to work in sales in a true career aspect. The time. The hustle. The competitiveness. And in our little family, we have that x 2! However, we both know that we are EXTREMELY blessed to (between the two of us) have three careers that we love and still get excited about on a daily basis. We are CONSTANTLY learning from each others jobs and the work that each of us do.

So, to celebrate working hard, reaching goals, and setting new ones, here are a few photos that I managed to snag of B on one of the 5 days off that we’ve had together this summer. 😉

IMG_0553-2 copy IMG_0587 copy IMG_0589-2 copy IMG_0593 copy IMG_0621 copy

If you are in need of a vehicle (or just want to see this hottie again) please stop by Billy Navarre Chevrolet in Sulphur and ask for Ben Hennigan. I promise you will be in good hands. 😉