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Now that Taylor has officially tied the knot, I can FINALLY share her bridal photos with you all! She was such a beautiful bride and was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with! I already can’t wait until my next session with her! (Hey Taylor – anniversary photos perhaps? ;)) Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_3019 copy IMG_3020 copy IMG_3051 copy IMG_3056 copy IMG_3076 copy IMG_3079 copy IMG_3088 copy IMG_3104 copy IMG_3114 copy IMG_3132 copy IMG_3139 copy IMG_3154-2 copy IMG_3252 copy IMG_3256-2 copy

Check back soon! I’m tirelessly working on these wedding photos and I’ll be posting a blog ASAP. 🙂

After 7 years, 2 months, and 22 days together- it happened. Ben & I are engaged!


If you know us, then you know it has been a long time coming. For YEARS, we’ve been asked “When are you getting married?” “Why aren’t you guys married yet?” “When’s the big day?” “Yall aren’t married yet?” “What’s the hold up?” Now, we can finally say that it is our time. I always wanted to wait until after college and after we both got our careers started. I’m so thankful that Ben was patient enough to wait for these things to happen. The fact that he honored these goals made it even more special once it actually happened!

Now, I’ve gotten a lot of “how did it happen” questions. At first, I wanted to keep it private. Buttttttttt, I’ve never been good at secrets, so I want to share it with all of you here. 🙂

If you know me, you know that I am a very “challenging” person. (Some say difficult, but whatever. ;)) Ben actually planned to propose to me on Good Friday. Months ago, he asked me to clear my schedule Easter weekend, including the following Monday. He knows how crazy my work schedule can be and said that since we were both going to be off for a couple of days that we should just enjoy it. No alarm bells- its pretty normal for him to ask things like this. I said okay and cleared my schedule for those days. Come Friday- my first day off in MONTHS- I got sick. I’m talking full-on sinus infection. We had plans to go visit Ben’s brother (Daniel) to celebrate his birthday, but I was just not having it. I texted Ben (who was at work) to let him know that I wouldn’t be able to make it. I think my exact words were “So sick. Not putting on a bra today. Definitely not going in public.” He pushed me to go anyway and I fought back saying “Daniel will understand. I see him all the time!” Finally, he said he would go alone-no big deal.

Flash forward to Saturday and we are at a wedding reception for our newly married friends (Congrats Elliot and Ash!). Enter the millions of marriage questions from people we haven’t seen in a while. “When are yall getting married?” “Hailey- you better fight for that bouquet! It is definitely your turn!” “Surely this will be yall soon!” Cue my eye rolls. Don’t get me wrong- I love that people think we should get married! I’d be mad if they didn’t! I LOVE that everyone cares so much. It’s a compliment, really, but asking a couple who isn’t engaged when they are going to get married is like asking someone who just got back from vacation where they are going next. You may have an idea of where you want to go, but you’re fresh off of one journey and have yet to logically think about your next. When we got home, I jokingly said “No one is even going to be excited when we get engaged. They’re just going to say ‘Oh I thought you already were.'” *awkward laugh* Thank God I was wrong. 🙂

The next day- Easter- was a pretty standard Sunday. Church, breakfast, and then back home to prepare to go visit my family. What happened next, though, was a little strange. We’re at home packing our things (and running late as usual) when Ben tells me that 210 is backed up due to a wreck. I panic, throw my stuff in the car, and agree to let Ben drive in hopes of getting to Kinder faster. We get downtown and Ben pulls over by the vacant lot that use to be home to the Sears building. When we were teenagers, we hung out there all the time. We’d go to the top, sit around, and talk for hours. When I was 16, Ben even gave me a promise ring there. I was heart-broken when they tore the building down. Flash-forward to Easter Sunday and we are there again. Ben says “Hey! They have a sign saying what is going to be built here. Let’s go look at it.” Me: “No… we’re running late.” Ben: “Come on, it’ll just take a second.” Me: “You go look and tell me what it says. It’s cold and humid.” (I guess this is the reason why my family says that I’m “difficult.”) Ben: “Hailey. Get out of the car. You’re coming with me.”

I get out of the car (reluctantly) and go with him. He notices that the gate is open and thinks we should go in. “Why?” I said. “It’s just an empty lot. There’s nothing to see.” We went in. Ben starts looking around and rambling about Easter and how he knows how much I love the holiday. I’m trying to follow what he’s saying and the next thing I know he’s on one knee.

And the rest is history.


Oh, and I should also mention that the ring he gave me- which is stunning- looks nearly identical to one that I showed him on Pinterest years ago.


Isn’t he good?!?!

But it didn’t end there. On the car ride to Kinder, he explains to me he plans for Good Friday- complete with the photographer that would have been there to capture our engagement. *I suck.*

Then he tells me how he knows I’ve always wanted to tell our family and friends in person, hence the reason he asked me to clear my schedule for the weekend. Swoon.

So basically, I got everything I’ve ever wanted. Amazing guy. Beautiful ring. Funny story. Happy friends and family members that I got to tell in person. Andddddddddddd no more asking “When are yall getting engaged?”

Now, any even more fun question begins: “When’s the big day?!?!” 😉

And since no post is complete without a few photos, here are a few of my favorites from the day we told our friends/ families. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of us telling my family/ best friend. Hey! I was excited!)

 IMG_8286 IMG_8290 IMG_8311 IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8344 IMG_8356 IMG_8366 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8404 IMG_8410 IMG_8411 IMG_8422 IMG_8427 IMG_8443 IMG_8466 IMG_8467 IMG_8487 IMG_8497

And here’s a closer look at how we told everyone. (What can I say- two birds with one stone. When you’ve been together this long, you already know who is going to be in the wedding party. ;))

IMG_8371IMG_8372IMG_8380IMG_8377IMG_8338IMG_8376IMG_8375 IMG_8374 IMG_8373IMG_8379 IMG_8378

Sorry for all of the low-quality phone pictures, but (for once) it wasn’t about photography that day. 😉

Thank you all so much for your well wishes! It means so much to me (&Ben) that we have so many people excited and supportive of us! I can’t wait for you all to be a part of our big day in one way or another!

See you soon,

The Future Mrs. Hailey Hennigan 🙂

Hayley was such a joy to work with! Here are a few of my favorites from her session:

IMG_6154 copy IMG_6161 copy IMG_6176 copy IMG_6190 copy IMG_6226 copy IMG_6246 copy IMG_6288-2 copy IMG_6311 copyThanks so much for hiring me Hayley! I hope the rest of your senior year is wonderful! Readers – sadly, senior season is coming to an end. But remember- it is NEVER too early to start booking. I will be choosing senior reps for 2016 in a few short weeks. Check back soon for more info on that! 🙂