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Brad & Emily looked so beautiful for Oberlin’s prom! We had so much fun capturing a few quick photos before the dance and I’m obsessed with them. Here are a few of my faves:

IMG_6576 copy IMG_6592 copy IMG_6597-2 copy IMG_6615 copy IMG_6617 copy IMG_6643 copy IMG_6650 copy IMG_6660 copy IMG_6691 copy IMG_6700 copy IMG_6722 copy IMG_6724 copy IMG_6725 copy IMG_6730 copy IMG_6736 copy IMG_6745 copy IMG_6789 copy IMG_6812-2 copy IMG_6814 copy

Annnnnnnnnnd THAT’S why you should spend your money on pictures BEFORE prom, rather than those cheesy high school gym ones. 🙂

Brad & Em- always a pleasure.

Come back soon guys! It’s busy season and I have A LOT to show you! 🙂

Katie’s 1st session was so fun that we decided to do another. 😉 Yet again, we went to a super cool/ unique place and had a field day. I’m LOVING these photos and I’m so excited for you to see a few of my favorites!

IMG_4587 copy IMG_4666-2 copy IMG_4690 copy IMG_4694 copy IMG_4719 copy IMG_4743-2 copy IMG_4753 copy IMG_4797 copy IMG_4855 copy IMG_4857 copy

Thanks for being so much fun to work with Katie! Call me when it’s wedding time! 🙂

Meet Thomas.

IMG_3810 IMG_5174 IMG_5272 IMG_6401

I’ve had the pleasure of being around Thomas’s family for the last few years through baseball. They are seriously the SWEETEST people. So, I was beyond excited when Mrs. Shelly (his mom) hired me to take his senior portraits. (Even though the fact that this kid is a senior makes me feel like a complete has-been.)

I absolutely LOVED his session and the photos that we took. Thomas, who claimed to be “awkward,” ended up being a total model. Seriously. See for yourself.

IMG_5803 copy IMG_5817-22 copy IMG_5850 copy IMG_5877 copy IMG_5886 copy IMG_5897 copy IMG_5920 copy IMG_5953 copy IMG_5970 copy IMG_5975 copy IMG_5983 copy IMG_6009 copy IMG_6064 copy IMG_6083 copy IMG_6093 copy IMG_6094-3 copy IMG_6113 copy IMG_6123 copy

Thanks again guys! Call me when it is time for Daniel and Leslie. 🙂