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As I’m sure everyone knows by this point, I had a meltdown when Brad graduated. No more baseball games. No more proms. No more homecomings. I was soooo depressed. Thankfully, God decided to help wean me off of Brad’s childhood by still giving me little bits and pieces of it here and there. An example of this- Emily’s homecoming. Brad’s gorgeous girlfriend is still in high school and decided to bring him to homecoming with her. They asked me to tag along for a bit to take some pre-dance photos for them and I (of course) ecstatically obliged.

They were breath-takingly beautiful- not that I would expect any less- which made for some awesome photos! I have a million and two favorites so bare with me- you are about to see A LOT of pictures. Enjoy!

IMG_9741-2 copy IMG_9733 copy IMG_9749 copy IMG_9759-2 copy IMG_9777 copy IMG_9790 copy IMG_9796-2 copy IMG_9805 copy IMG_9821 copy IMG_9806 copy IMG_9819 copy IMG_9829 copy IMG_9848 copy IMG_9850 copy IMG_9871 copy IMG_9882 copy IMG_9891 copy IMG_9930 copy IMG_9931 copy IMG_9934 copy IMG_9907 copy IMG_9978 copy IMG_9953 copy IMG_9944 copy IMG_9982 copy IMG_9992 copyIMG_9865 copy

Anddddddd a few bloopers…

IMG_9922 copy IMG_9949 copy

Well guys, stayed tuned. Senior season is already taking off so many more clients will be on the blog SOON! 🙂