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This year is the year of seniors. Seniors have always been my FAVORITE. This year, I’ve decided to focus nearly all of my business on that aspect and I couldn’t be happier. My schedule for the rest of the year? 100% seniors. I cannot wait!

To start off senior season, I chose nine high school seniors from my list of applicants to be senior reps. I picked beautiful, energetic, outgoing, involved kids to represent me during their senior year. I ended up with an amazing bunch and was so excited for this shoot!

The day of, it was SO gloomy! Overcast, humid, and thundering- great weather all around. 😉 Not at all what I had planned. Still, we moved forward with the shoot, praying that it would pass. Ten minutes into the shoot it started raining. Determined, we tried to wait it out in our cars. I’d love to say that it rained for five minutes and then rainbows and sunshine came through, but that didn’t happen. It rained for the rest of the day.

Luckily, I had an amazing set of seniors and parents with me, all of which were troopers! 🙂 We operated in a kind of functional chaos to finish the shoot. Twenty-seven outfits, twelve umbrellas, and two cameras later, we completed the shoot, accomplishing the most important reason for being there. The primary purpose of this shoot was to get to know the style and personality of each rep. I was so happy with what I learned. They were all so sweet, cooperative, fun, and photogenic. A lot of people would’ve let the day be a wash. Not these kids. We carried out a lot of my ideas and took some fabulous photos- all without a single complaint from anyone there! (Now that is a minor miracle. My 17 year old self probably wouldn’t have been so “go with the flow.” ;))

I can’t say it enough- these guys are amazing! I couldn’t have picked a better crew. They really made for a great shoot, even given the not-so-great circumstances.

Let’s start with meeting the reps:

Sarah (Moss Bluff):

IMG_9472 copy

Courtney (Oakdale):

IMG_9453 copy

Raygan (Kinder):

IMG_9437 copy

Brandt (Kinder):

IMG_9425 copy

Caitlin (Iowa):

IMG_9463 copy

Kyle (Iowa):

IMG_9441 copy

Gabbie (Iowa):

IMG_9482 copy

Betsy (Iowa):

IMG_9451 copy

Kasey (Iowa):

IMG_9467 copy

Now, our beach set:

IMG_9506 copy IMG_9511 copy IMG_9515 copy IMG_9522 copy IMG_9486 copy IMG_9491 copy

And then there were the t-shirts. (Real men/ women rep Photography by Hailey):

IMG_9565 copy IMG_9577 copy IMG_9599 copy IMG_9606 copy

And, finally, dress attire:

IMG_9618 copy IMG_9635-3 copy IMG_9649 copy

I’m so in love with these pictures and my 2015 senior reps! I’m counting down the days until I get to work with each one of them again for their individual sessions. 🙂

Nicole’s bridal session was made up of things photographers DREAM of: a beautiful girl, a jaw-dropping dress, a breath-taking location, and gorgeous weather! To make it even more awesome, Nicole and her mom (who joined us for the session) were incredibly sweet! For months now, I’ve been DYING to show off these bridal portraits. For a multitude of reasons, these photos are some of my favorites that I have ever taken! I’m so thrilled to finally be able to show you guys these pictures now that Nicole is a married lady!

IMG_7135 copy IMG_7137 copy IMG_7138 copy IMG_7155 copy IMG_7160 copy IMG_7191 copy IMG_7198 copy IMG_7207-2 copy IMG_7246 copy IMG_7266 copy IMG_7297 copy IMG_7310-2 copy IMG_7349 copy IMG_7375 copy IMG_7379 copy IMG_7395 copy IMG_7433 copy

Thank you guys for such an awesome experience both at your bridal session AND your fabulous wedding!

I’m working on the wedding photos now and can’t wait to share those with you all as well soon, so stay tuned! 🙂