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A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, Katie, had the most precious baby boy named Noah. I was lucky enough to be there to share this experience with her, not just the day of Noah’s birth, but also in the months the preceded it.

First, there were the maternity photos. I never got a chance to share them after we took them, but here they are now:

IMG_3871 copy IMG_3900 copy IMG_3909 copy IMG_3923 copy IMG_3944 copy IMG_4002 copy IMG_4051 copy IMG_4086 copy IMG_4098 copy IMG_4110 copy IMG_4118 copy IMG_4155 copy

Then came the actual birth. It was a very, very long process and I was so amazed by Katie’s strength and endurance. If someone would’ve told me a year ago that Kate was going to go through over 24 hours of labor and push out a 9+ pound baby, I would have cried for her then and there. I still don’t see how she was capable of it! Katie, I’m still in awe of you!

While I didn’t professionally document the birth (I wanted to be truly PRESENT for the experience rather than focusing on documenting every moment), I still managed to snap a few photos on my phone. What can I say? It’s an addiction.


Finally, in the late, late hours of June 12th, Noah made his first appearance. He was so big and beautiful! I’ll still never forget meeting him for the first time!

IMG_2146IMG_2150IMG_2152 IMG_2151 IMG_2153

Then, like the proud “Aunt” that I am, I went back the next day for more snuggles…


After that, we had quite the hilarious experience while taking his newborn photos. I won’t go into all of the greusome details, but let’s just say this: Noah is not a fan of organized photography. Or sleeping by the window. Or going diaper-less. 😉 I will definitely remember this day forever and most likely use the memory to embarrass him in front of his first girlfriend… I mean come on. How can I not share the story of me & his parents going through FIVE blankets in twenty minutes because he… Well, you get the picture. 😉

Anyway, we were still able to get a few photos. And I’m in love with every. single. one. of. them. Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_6947 IMG_6978 IMG_6980 IMG_6989 IMG_6983IMG_6931-2 IMG_6928-2IMG_7015

Lyndal, Katie, & Noah- I love you guys! I can’t wait to watch Noah grow. It is definitely going to be a fun journey, so thanks for sharing the beginning of it with me! 🙂

PS- Kiss my Noah extra for me tonight!

I was so honored that Taylor and Josh chose me to document their wedding! This includes various sessions as well as their wedding day. I am so excited that we are kicking off this awesome journey with some gorgeous engagement photos! Here are a few of my favorites:

IMG_7456 copy IMG_7477 copy IMG_7504 copy IMG_7512 copy IMG_7533 copy IMG_7563 copy IMG_7568 copy IMG_7577 copy IMG_7592 copy IMG_7622 copy IMG_7630 copy IMG_7651 copy IMG_7703 copy IMG_7721 copy IMG_7730 copy IMG_7739 copy IMG_7773 copy

Taylor and Josh, you guys were so great! Thanks for being so sweet and fun to shoot! I absolutely cannot wait to work with you guys again soon! 🙂

IMG_1863 copy

2015 Seniors- I want YOU to represent Photography by Hailey! I am looking to book this year’s senior model representatives. What’s in it for you, you ask? My senior reps get top quality experiences and photos! Reps will join in on a free fun-filled group photoshoot with the Photography by Hailey rep team, as well as receive a discounted full-length senior session!

IMG_3245 copy

Interested? Here are the requirements that I have are as follows:

  • You must be a 2015 senior.

  • You must be able to par-take in a FREE mini-session with fellow senior models on the evening of Saturday, September 6, 2014.

  • You must BOOK your FULL senior session with me before your free mini-session. The session must be completed by the end of 2014. (This session is not free, but all models will receive FIFTEEN PERCENT off of the session package.)

  • You must share your photos with friends, family, classmates, etc. (AKA – advertise for me! It will benefit us both. ;))

  • You must use a photo taken at your session(s) as your profile photo OR cover photo on Facebook through-out your senior year.

  • You & your parents must agree via contract to only represent/ advertise/ use Photography by Hailey for your senior portraits. (This includes free and paid sessions.)

IMG_6597 copy

Now, let’s talk about what will happen if you are chosen!

IMG_5393 copy

After I review all of the applications, identify the areas in which I need senior reps, and choose the models, I will contact my chosen reps to start the process. It’ll go something like this:

  • First, the models will be chosen in August.

  • Then, we will discuss all of the important info, including booking the sessions.

  • We will shoot your mini-session next! This shoot will have all of the fun & energy of a full shoot, but will be restructured to include all of my senior reps! This session (Sept 6) will feature ALL of Photography by Hailey’s senior models. This shoot will last about 1-1.5 hours and will be shot at one location. During this time, I will capture photos of the senior reps individually and in groups. (I will inform you of the exact time, location, and outfit details after announcing the 2015 Senior Models.) After the session, I will chose the 5 best photos of you, digitally retouch and edit them, and send you the link to download them.

  • Then, we will shoot your FULL session! Senior Models receive 15% off of the normal rate of this shoot AND get first pick of my senior session dates. This session MUST be completed before the end of 2014. This session will last up to 2 hours. This is where you really let your creative juices flow! Bring as many outfits as you want. Come up with tons of ideas. Pack a million and two props. GO WILD! (For info about session flow, session prices, digital photo copies, etc. refer to

  • Finally, here is the best part!!!!! Through out the steps above, each senior spokesperson will be working her little hiney off right?! Well, this is where all of that gets really fun… As well as receiving numerous freebies and discounts, my senior models could receive a FREE shoot for her and her friends! The Senior Model that brings me the MOST business by March 2015 will earn an AWESOME session with their best buds! This session comes with digital copies of the best photos, all of which you can share with your friends. You will also have unlimited printing rights with this session! Talk about a way to end high school with a bang! (This session will take place during April 2014.)

IMG_2061 copy

*Be sure to tell all of those who book me because of YOUR referral to tell me so at the time of their session. That way, I can keep track of who is in the lead & in the end find out who is the winner of the BFF4L Session Giveaway!

IMG_5849 copy

Now, I can’t wait to hear from you all! Seniors are my absolute faves and I cannot wait for my next bunch of guys and gals to photograph. 🙂


Ready to apply? Awesome! Here’s the Senior Model application:

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