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Well, I guess it is only appropriate that I end the 2014 senior season the way it began: with my little brother, Brad. I could go on and on and get all emotional all over again with this post, but after crying at baseball games, awards ceremonies, my mom’s couch…. let’s just say I’ve had enough of that. Now, let’s look at part two of Brad’s senior session:

IMG_6597 copy IMG_6603 copy IMG_6606 copy IMG_6624 copy IMG_6652-2 copy IMG_6653 copy IMG_6667 copy IMG_6678-2 copy IMG_6692 copy IMG_6704 copy IMG_6726 copy IMG_6735 copy IMG_6749 copy IMG_6753 copy IMG_6805 copy IMG_6809-2 copy IMG_6816 copy IMG_6827 copy IMG_6830 copy IMG_6840 copy IMG_6864 copy IMG_6866 copy IMG_6885 copy IMG_6891 copy IMG_6892 copy

Again, it has been such an honor to document the lives of all of my seniors this year- especially Brad. It’s been an AMAZING season and I can’t wait until next year! 🙂