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Brad, my little brother, will be turning 18 in less than a month and graduating in less than two. As a birthday /graduation gift, my mom and stepdad decided to buy him his dream truck! For those who know my mom & Rob, you know how wonderful and generous they are. For those who know Brad, you know that he is a great kid and a hard worker and is therefore deserving of this awesome gift. I was so happy to be there for this amazing surprise and I love reliving it through these photos. Check them out:

IMG_4710 copy IMG_4713 copy IMG_4715 copy IMG_4716 copy IMG_4723 copy IMG_4727 copy IMG_4728 copy IMG_4733 copy IMG_4738 copy IMG_4742 copy IMG_4743 copy IMG_4749 copy IMG_4796 copy IMG_4804 copy IMG_4811 copy IMG_4822 copy IMG_4826 copy IMG_4832 copy IMG_4852 copy IMG_4855 copy IMG_4860 copy

Brad, congrats and I love you! Now remember: NO SPEEDING! 🙂

A few weeks ago, Sarah, a junior at Sam Houston, contacted me about doing her and her friends’ prom photos. I of course said yes. I’ve done this a few times before and I ALWAYS love it! (People: it is a great idea to hire someone for pre-prom photos! These will be 1o837410% better than those cheesey ones you get at the dance…. I wish I would have thought to do this in high school!) Anyway, in the end we had a shoot that included nearly 40 kids! All of them looked absolutely GORGEOUS and were completely awesome during the session. I LOVE all of these photos and hope to see each and every one of these kids next year for senior photos/ their senior prom! 😉

IMG_4204 copy IMG_4210 copy IMG_4231 copy IMG_4239 copy IMG_4241 copy IMG_4251 copy IMG_4257 copy IMG_4297 copy IMG_4311 copy IMG_4315 copy IMG_4316 copy IMG_4351 copy IMG_4366 copy IMG_4371 copy IMG_4382 copy IMG_4399 copy IMG_4404 copy IMG_4419 copy IMG_4456 copy IMG_4463 copy IMG_4474 copy IMG_4510 copy IMG_4527 copy IMG_4536 copy IMG_4540 copy IMG_4546 copy IMG_4561 copy IMG_4570 copy IMG_4581 copy IMG_4610 copy IMG_4629 copy IMG_4642 copy IMG_4646 copy IMG_4653 copy IMG_4679-2 copy IMG_4690 copy IMG_4697 copy IMG_4700 copy

Sarah & Co- thanks for hiring me! I loved being a part of your prom experience! Call me again next year. 🙂