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Alison, one of my awesome senior reps, just had her full-length session. She is such a sweet girl and I absolutely love working with her! This shoot was SO fun and filled with amazing ideas, locations, etc. I am so happy with these photos!

IMG_0396IMG_0422IMG_0450IMG_0437IMG_0458IMG_0476IMG_0501IMG_0571 IMG_0583 IMG_0646

Alison, thanks again for being an awesome rep and fab model!

Guys, don’t forget to tell me if you were referred by one of my senior reps when booking your session! I’m sure they’d appreciate it. 🙂

I love mini sessions! I don’t get to do them often, but when I see the opportunity, I grab it! I love that through these sessions I get to meet so many new, amazing people… and MAYBE even end up gaining a few full clients. 😉

While at Sam Houston park for these sessions, my clients and I kept laughing that it must be “national family picture day.” Through the day, I seriously counted 17 different shoots going on and saw 8 different photographers. That got me thinking. I know that these days, EVERYONE is a photographer. Outside of that, I know that there are also a LOT of career photographers, like myself, in this area. Even over the course of one day, I saw SO many in action.

Now, I’m not a veteran. I’m young. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years. I’m not the biggest, most well known, established photographer of all time. I’ve never claimed to be. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable actually calling myself a “professional,” even though this IS my profession. (I hear that’s normal. An amazing photographer of 10 years just recently told me that she is JUST getting to the point that she can state her job without flinching. ;)) I take my job seriously, put in a lot of time, sacrifice in various personal aspects of my life, and work my tail off to grow, improve, and make all of my clients happy. This job can be so overwhelming that, at times, I forget the big picture.

Although I am ALWAYS grateful that I am able to do what I love professionally, I sometimes forget just how truly blessed I am. As I was driving away from these mini sessions and thinking about the day, including the 8 “national family picture day” photographers, it really hit me. I know that you guys have a MILLION choices when it comes to picking someone to photograph you and your families. I know that maybe it would be “easier” to go to a photographer with lower prices or a friend with a nice camera or someone with more openings. But you don’t. You come to me because, hopefully, you just really love my work that much. You VALUE the art of photography. That means SO much to me because I do too. It is my life, passion, and livelihood. I’ve worked so hard at it for so long and it has been worth every single minute.

Thank you to ALL of my clients, including those who participated in the mini sessions, for choosing ME and letting me do what I love most!

And now, here is a little preview of a few of my favorites from mini session day:

 IMG_1447 IMG_1457 IMG_1512IMG_1493IMG_1808 IMG_1851 IMG_1995 IMG_1980IMG_1591 IMG_1716 IMG_1740 IMG_1677IMG_1276 IMG_1314 IMG_1333 IMG_1405

Again, thank you all! Keep checking back because coming up soon are many more beautiful seniors, babies, and families! 🙂 Until next time…