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Tanner is such a sweet kid! I was very honored to take his senior pictures. We were able to incorporate so many elements into his session, including bright, fun shots at his school, urban photos in town, and rustic portraits at his home. I’m super happy with the way that they came out! Yall take a look:

Tanner’s one request for his session was to take a picture with his 12 year old dog, Lady. This is probably my favorite shot of the whole day!

Thanks for including me in this process Mrs. Deidre! I look forward to working with you guys in the future! Readers, we’re wrapping up senior season, but there are still a few more to go! Stay tuned!

Chelsie was my first bride of 2013. I was so thrilled to shoot her engagement, bridal, and wedding photos. Now that she is officially a married woman, I can FINALLY show you all her bridal pictures.

We went to Avery Island to shoot these. For anyone who is on the fence about a location choice, this is the place to go! It is SO beautiful and diverse. There are literally hundreds of spots here that serve as excellent backdrops for photos! Bridals, engagement, seniors, etc. – I could do it ALL here. On top of that, unlike some venues, the entry fee is cheap and since it only about 2 hours away, the travel fee is pretty small. Basically, I am a huge fan of this place and I can’t wait to shoot here again!

Now back to Chelsie – this sweet girl was so fun to work with! She was so beautiful, as was her dress. It was the perfect shoot and we were able to get super creative and have lots of fun. Take a look:

Chelsie, thank you so much for hiring me to do this for you. It was a wonderful experience! Call me anytime!

Readers, keep checking back! Chelsie’s wedding will be on the blog soon! 🙂 Until then, here is a sneak preview:

First of all, let me tell yall how much I love Lacey! She is SUCH a sweet girl! On top of that, she’s beautiful and kept me laughing the whole session!

I had previously met Lacey when she & my brother, Brad, went to homecoming together earlier this year (sha…)!

I remember making them take tons of pictures before the dance, all-the-while putting up with Brad’s constant complaining that he was “tired of smiling.” Although Lacey was a WAY better sport than my brother, she slightly agreed with Brad, saying that she “didn’t like to take pictures.” After her session, though, I don’t believe her one bit! 😉 (There’s no way that someone can be so good at something & yet not like it!) She was so fun to work with, brought along so many cute outfits, and had a lot of awesome ideas! 🙂

Lacey opted for 2 sessions (don’t laugh… I did the same thing when I was a senior) and I can’t wait for the next one! Meanwhile, though, here is part 1:

Lacey thanks so much for asking me to photograph you! I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it all again! 🙂