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Garett’s senior session was last weekend. He was SUCH a good sport. For someone who claims to hate taking pictures, he sure was cheesin’ it up! He and his mom kept me laughing the whole afternoon, so we definitely had a great time. Yall take a look:

Mrs. Nikki, thank you for asking me to document this time for yall! I hope you love the results!

Readers, keep checking back. Many more senior posts are coming up!

Hi guys! I just wanted to let yall know about the newest product I have.

This is an accordion mini. It is about as long as a wallet photo and slightly less wide than an iphone. This nifty little package is a book that opens and closes as an accordion does, displaying 12 photos (6 front/ 6 back). There are designs inside of the book, bordering the photos. This design can be customized in many different unique ways. The front and back covers can also be customized to be different colors.

This product is excellent for displaying photos on places such as coffee tables or for carrying around in your purse for quick access to beautiful photos. I absolutely love this little book and I can’t wait to order more for my family and friends.

Here are some photos to help you visualize this handy little product:

If you would like to know more details, please let me know. Yall check back soon! More posts are coming your way soon!