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For FOREVER, Ben has wanted a dog. He’s tried convincing me. He’s tried bribing me. He’s tried pretty much everything. Finally, I gave in. A little over a week ago, I told him we could get a dog for Christmas… BUT I had rules.

1.) Something cute, little, and fluffy (I’m TERRIFIED of big dogs)

2.) Non-shedding (Dog hair everywhere, no thank you!)

3.) He had to be trained well. Especially when it came to potty issues. (No disgusting puppy pads).

He agreed with my bossy antics and we decided to look for a dog. A few hours later, we found him in Houston and knew we HAD to have him immediately! No way we could wait until Christmas. And so we did. 🙂 Yall, meet Winston James Hennigan, our fluffy little munchkin.

He’s so precious and good and funny and cute and I could go on and on and on… I’m a little obsessed.

Winston is a 3 pound mini maltipoo who loves to snuggle, refuses to sleep alone, and has furthered his mommy’s online shopping addiction (4 sweaters, 2 bow ties, a car-seat, a playhouse, and several toys later, I’m broke!)

Here are a few photos that we took on adoption day:

And here are a few more fonky camera phone photos that will be going in his baby book as soon as it comes in. (I’m not joking…)

Well, thanks for stopping by guys! If yall want to see more photos, no worries. I’m blowing up my instagram (hwhitt92) all day, every day, with puppy cuteness. 🙂 Until next time…