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Brad, Bradlifer, not Bradley… Where do I even begin?

When I was a little babykid, I BEGGED mom for a baby brother or sister. And I mean begged. (I even made up a song, ask Mom.) When I found out that I was finally getting one, I was ecstatic! I even cried the day you were born because they made me wait FOREVER before I could hold you. April 18, 1996 changed my life forever.

After the precious baby newness wore off and you became a toddler, I sometimes wondered why the heck I ever asked for a sibling. I loved you, but often, you really pissed me off.

You were this rambunctious little bugger. You had more energy than any human being should, you hit me, and were a tattletale. Still, no one cared because you were so.darn.cute!

Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun times! Singing on our magic microphones that we got for Christmas, surfing on the ironing board, making music videos, and playing with mud-pies.

But sometimes…. Oh.God. You would be so mean to me! Every time that this happened, I would go crying to mom, asking why she couldn’t have just had a girl so that I could have a little sister instead. She always told me the same thing. I remember it verbatim: “He’s your little brother. Of course you two are going to fight, but you love each other! And, I guarantee you, one day you’re going to look back, laugh, and thank God for blessing us with Brad. One day, you two will be best friends.”

She was right. I don’t know what I would do without you! I love our times together and no one makes me laugh like you do. You’re always there for me to help me out, which is weird since I’M suppose to be the BIG sister. You are a smart, kind boy. You have a good soul and a great attitude. And, best of all, you are still the cute, little rambunctious kid that loves to get under my skin. 🙂

You are sixteen today. You’re growing up so fast and maturing so much. I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I’m thankful for this day and I am thankful for you.

Happy Birthday, little brother. 🙂

I love you!